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Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D

I have heard that to make it onrepparttar Internet, a business must have a high ranking onrepparttar 128214 search engines. I have submitted my site to several ofrepparttar 128215 top ones, but I never get a high ranking. In fact I don't even think I get ranked at all on most of them.

What can I do?




Dear Frustrated,

I know how frustrating it can be trying to get a decent ranking with any ofrepparttar 128216 major engines.

You submit your site, then wait weeks forrepparttar 128217 search engine "gods" to render their decision. More likely than not, their decision is to either not list your site at all or to give it a ranking so low that a surfer needs deep diving equipment to find you. It's enough to sent you running for a giant size bottle of Prozac.

Your first reaction will probably be to throw your hands up and sayrepparttar 128218 heck with those search engines, who needs them?

Don't make this mistake. We all need our sites listed on search engines. More visitors can be gained through search engines than all other marketing venues put together. Nobody can ignore this vast source of potential customers.

So what can a poor beleaguered Webmaster do?

Most of us turn torepparttar 128219 search engine gurus at this point. We follow their advice on how to make our web sites search engine ready. We insert META tags into our site code. We struggle to add justrepparttar 128220 right description and keywords sorepparttar 128221 major engines will find us worthy of a high listing. When allrepparttar 128222 i's have been dotted and allrepparttar 128223 t's crossed, we submit again and wait.

Five or six weeks later we discover that once again,repparttar 128224 "big boys" have found our site lacking in some way or another. It's back torepparttar 128225 drawing board. We read somewhere - to get approved for a decent listing we need to build some "gateway pages." This only takes a few days to a few weeks to figure out and accomplish, but then, at last it's done and we submit once again.

And once again, five or six weeks later, we find that we still can't be found on any ofrepparttar 128226 major engines we have submitted and resubmitted to and we feel totally defeated. Now what?

Search Engine Ranking - 'getting it right from the start'

Written by Carl Hruza

There are many ways that you can improverepparttar probability of achieving higher search engine rankings.

The most effective way is to consider how search engines rank your pages - duringrepparttar 128213 'planning' phase of developing your site.

Most issues that adversely effect search engine ranking are in-built duringrepparttar 128214 design, and are more difficult to remove oncerepparttar 128215 design is complete. Consider that most web design contracts are fulfilled when a site is posted torepparttar 128216 web, looks as intended and is functional. What happens to your site beyond this is notrepparttar 128217 concern ofrepparttar 128218 people who designed your site, their work is complete. So if you are fortunate enough to be atrepparttar 128219 'specification' stage of planning a web site, there are a few simple things that you should do.

Askrepparttar 128220 designer specifically what steps he or she will implement to ensure your site is 'search engine friendly'. If you pre-arm yourself with a little knowledge ofrepparttar 128221 subject, you can easily gauge from their reaction just how well your site will be prepared for search engine submissions. You are not looking for guaranteed top 10 positions at this stage. You are looking for some evidence thatrepparttar 128222 designer understandsrepparttar 128223 basics of how search engines work, how they 'crawl' your pages, and what they do withrepparttar 128224 information that they retrieve. If their reaction does not instill confidence that your site will be designed with consideration towardsrepparttar 128225 search engines, you have one of two choices:- go elsewhere and seekrepparttar 128226 services of a company who can demonstrate reasonable knowledge ofrepparttar 128227 subject, or take it upon yourself to lay downrepparttar 128228 basic guidelines to your designer.

The basic guidelines are:

Include allrepparttar 128229 important Meta tags on each page. Keywords, Description and Title tags should be included as a minimum, and each should be set to focus onrepparttar 128230 content ofrepparttar 128231 specific page, remaining where possible withinrepparttar 128232 'theme' ofrepparttar 128233 site. Add 'robot instruction' tags indicating which pages should be indexed byrepparttar 128234 search engines and which should not. If you have pages that detract fromrepparttar 128235 overall theme ofrepparttar 128236 site, userepparttar 128237 'noindex', 'nofollow' tags. Avoid using 'Meta Refresh' tags that are set to automatically direct repparttar 128238 viewer to another page. If you must use 'refresh' setrepparttar 128239 time to a minimum of 15 seconds. Design a navigation structure that allows search engines to crawlrepparttar 128240 important content pages fromrepparttar 128241 home page. This can be done easily using transparent image files and setting them as hyperlinks. Remember that using Java, Flash software or 'Frames' to facilitate navigation, can often present a 'closed door' to search engines, preventing key areas of your site from being indexed. Userepparttar 128242 alt-attribute and name images descriptively. Some search engines readrepparttar 128243 alt text and it can help, though marginally. Name pages using keywords. Instead of 'page2.html' use 'american-ginseng.html', if your site is about herbal products! If your site uses 'Frames' there are important techniques that go beyondrepparttar 128244 scope of this report. Many search engines cannot navigate throughrepparttar 128245 Framed section of a site, unlessrepparttar 128246 Frames are prepared in a specific way. As a minimum, ensure your designer includes a detailed description about your business, products or services onrepparttar 128247 'noframes' page, and ask them to research more specific information about Frames and search engines. Ifrepparttar 128248 site is designed using dynamic content pages as with ASP, consider designing additional pages that use static HTML. Having an 'about us' page in HTML is always a good strategy when using dynamic content pages or 'active server pages'.

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