Ask Jeeves 'How Do I Get a Top Listing in your Directory'

Written by Merle

Millions of people enjoy using 'Ask Jeeves,' by simply typing in a question and getting back relevant search results. With many ofrepparttar search engines/directories turning to pay models, 'Ask Jeeves' now offers its own Text Sponsorship Program.

A text sponsorship ad consists of a title no longer than 40 characters and a description which can be up to 150 characters in length. Your 'text ad' appears torepparttar 101232 right onrepparttar 101233 search results page every time someone does a search that includes one ofrepparttar 101234 keyphrases you’ve pre-selected. Onlyrepparttar 101235 top three bidders for each keyword/phrase is shown, so in order to be seen you need to be competitive.

Your text as will also appear on other search engines that are participating inrepparttar 101236 'Ask Jeeves Network'. Partners include famous brands like Direct Hit, MSN, and a few others that are less known. Your ad on partner sites may vary in position depending on each engine/ directory and where they choose to display them.

In order to play you need to open an account (which will set you back 25.00 US dollars). Ask Jeeves uses a CPM payment model (which stands for cost per thousand). You only pay when your text ad is shown, unlike where you pay per click. Ask Jeeves charges per impression with minimum bids of keywords/phrases being 5.00 per CPM so that translates into a 5.00 cost to you everytime your ad is shown 1,000 times.

'Ask Jeeves' helps you choose your keywords and phrases with a handy suggestion wizard. This is a good tool for coming up with search terms you may have otherwise overlooked.

When setting your bid amounts, remember that you'll only be able to go withrepparttar 101237 minimum 5.00 per CPM if no other advertiser has already placed a bid on your keyword/phrase. If there are existing bids inrepparttar 101238 top three spots, you’ll have to overbid one of them to get your text ad to be shown for that word or phrase. All high bidders'names and bid amounts are shown so you can plan your strategy accordingly. Bidding is placed in .50 increments. For example, if you wantedrepparttar 101239 search phrase 'air purifiers,' andrepparttar 101240 top 3 bids are 6.00, 7.00 and 8.00, you’d have to bid 6.50 to getrepparttar 101241 third position.

"The Perfect Online Ad"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Most people attempting to do business online not only send out a great deal of email, they also receive it.

In order for your email message to stand out fromrepparttar crowd, it must be different and unique.

And, in order to berepparttar 101231 "Perfect Online Ad" it merely needs two (2) "Key" elements:

1. A "Killer" Title. 2. An Email Link.

The Title.

The Title must be short, no more than 6 to 8 words. Less in this case would be more.

The very best Title I have ever seen in an email message was just 3 short words long. It captured my attention and enticed me to click onrepparttar 101232 link to visit a web site.

Can you guess what those words might have been?

Your Title must be inrepparttar 101233 Subject area of your email message and it is recommended that you make use of one or more action words to capture your readers imagination.

If you would like a FREE list of about 50 Action Words:

An Email Link.

The other "Key" eleement ofrepparttar 101234 "Perfect Online Ad" is an email link in your message.

Yes, you could include a web site address, likerepparttar 101235 email message withrepparttar 101236 3 short words inrepparttar 101237 Title that got me to pay them a visit.

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