As the Darkness Deepens by Michael Cale - Book Review

Written by Jason Sizemore

Newton's Third Law of Motions states that "For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Michael Cale's latest novel, Asrepparttar Darkness Deepens, is an interesting study in this universal law as it relates torepparttar 137835 forces of good and evil. While this is a common storyline, Cale's strong characterization andrepparttar 137836 powerful climax give an otherwise trite subject substance to formulate a solid story.

We first meetrepparttar 137837 unassuming Christopher Jones walking his seven-year-old daughter, Sally, to school. After hugs and a kiss, Christopher sends his child acrossrepparttar 137838 street, when suddenly a careening car slams into Sally, mortally wounding her. Inrepparttar 137839 terror ofrepparttar 137840 moment, Christopher draws upon a mysterious power to heal his daughter, saving her life. This act of love creates an equal and opposite reaction that literally birthsrepparttar 137841 story's primary antagonist.

Christopher discovers a renewed sense of self and direction. He transforms from a soft-spoken pushover to a man filled withrepparttar 137842 need to use his new power forrepparttar 137843 good of humanity. Eventually, word of his powers spread, and he attracts hundreds and thousands ofrepparttar 137844 hopeless,repparttar 137845 infirm, andrepparttar 137846 insane. Christopher becomes nothing more than a pinball, bouncing off those who want to help to those wanting to take advantage and back again.

The truth about selling e-books on the internet

Written by Albert Z

If you've surfedrepparttar internet for a while lately, you might have noticedrepparttar 137623 incredible amount of hype generated around e-books, information products, resale rights and similar stuff. Indeed, it is a popular subject since it promises a way to generate passive income, like real estate or wall-street shares, with a minimal amount of effort.

Truth is, many internet marketers are now using all this hype to their own interest, by selling poor-quality informational products at very high prices, or promising blatantly ridiculous incomes: don't get caught inrepparttar 137624 marketing trap!!

I'm Albert Z. and I've been selling e-books for a while onrepparttar 137625 internet: I ownrepparttar 137626 site Culture-Books and can tell you a couple of REAL things about selling e-books online!!

What you might have been taught up to now is that:

  • selling e-books requires no effort
  • you can make very high incomes every month (> 2000$/month)
  • selling e-books requires no skills
  • there is no investment to be made
  • it works on autopilot

Now, check those statings withrepparttar 137627 truth:

  • selling e-books requires some months for setting up your activity
  • you will make low incomes (100s), unless you write yourself a very good piece of text, which is time-consuming
  • selling e-books requires designing skills, copywriting skills (for most of your sales), a sense of marketing and lots of organization
  • indeed it does work on autopilot! but if you want to increase your activity over time you will HAVE to devote some time to it!
  • you will need a website, hosting, and provided you don't spend any money on designing, seo tools etc, initial goods for selling, you will end up spending about 50-100$, provided you're a savvy money-saver!

As you can see, selling e-books is not very different from any other real-life activity: it requires work and skills, lots of time (at least initially) and a little bit of overhead to set up everything!! But it does indeed have some advantages:

  • overhead costs are very low if compared with other activities
  • once set up, it requires very little maintenance time
  • it's fun (which is very important ;) ), watchrepparttar 137628 style of an e-book store here , doesn't it look fun?

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