Articles wrapping guide.

Written by Dušan Drobac

Articles wrapping guide. Anybody who use a lot of free reprint articles on his website should wrap that articles with their own content. Why? There are few reasons why to do that. The main is to avoid duplicate content issues penalized by major search engines. Also with wrapping articles you content will be more appealing to your visitors. How to wrap articles? The best practice is to add your own intro and summary to articles. Try to add keyword reach but also visitor friendly content. In your intro use H1 and H2 tags because search engine spiders look for this tags before any other. Atrepparttar end of article afterrepparttar 147532 author resource box add a brief summary of article.

Search Engine Optimisation – Why and How to do it.

Written by Justine Curtis, Enable UK

Crawler, Robot or “Organic” search engines have been around sincerepparttar beginning ofrepparttar 147531 Internet. They rank their listings by analysingrepparttar 147532 content of your web pages using various algorithms (or indexing criteria) as opposed to chargingrepparttar 147533 web site owner for inclusion. However, many businesses are just beginning to wake up torepparttar 147534 colossal benefits such search engines can provide. No other advertising medium gives you, at absolutely no cost, a means to drive unlimited, targeted traffic to your business. None.

Inrepparttar 147535 following article I will give you some basic guidelines to follow in order to help get your web site ranked atrepparttar 147536 top of popular organic search engines. More detailed information can be found in our DIY Internet Marketing Guide “Start atrepparttar 147537 Beginning” Click here for an excerpt:

What Is Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation isrepparttar 147538 process of creating or modifying a web site so that it encompassesrepparttar 147539 design, background coding, text copy, and link-building elements search engines check through when indexing your web site. Throughrepparttar 147540 process of optimisation, you can develop or alter a web site so thatrepparttar 147541 search engines will move your web site towardsrepparttar 147542 top ofrepparttar 147543 results generated for your particular, relevant searches. This means people who are actually searching for what you have to sell will click to your web site, as it will be listed above those of your competitors.

How Does Optimisation Work?

There are three fundamental elements torepparttar 147544 search engine optimisation: background coding, text copy and link popularity.

Background coding isrepparttar 147545 manipulation of your HTML code so that it is “clean”, uncluttered, positioned correctly, and easily accessible torepparttar 147546 search engine spiders and crawlers. You need to be sure thatrepparttar 147547 most important information torepparttar 147548 spiders is located nearrepparttar 147549 top ofrepparttar 147550 page where it can be quickly and easily found and positioned thus,repparttar 147551 spiders will consider that it is more relevant than information nearerrepparttar 147552 bottom ofrepparttar 147553 page. You also need to ensure that java scripts and other such coding are moved out ofrepparttar 147554 spiders' way. Text copy relates torepparttar 147555 text on your site. Professional search engine copywriters are able to write in such a way as to include your primary key phrases in strategic places so that you getrepparttar 147556 most "points" fromrepparttar 147557 engines and also appeal enough to your customers to persuade them to purchase your product or service.

Link popularity deals with how many sites have links that point back to your web site andrepparttar 147558 quality of those web sites with regard to relevance. The theory is, that if others in your field think highly enough of your web site to link to it, your web site, andrepparttar 147559 products or services it offers, must be of good quality.

When you have a good combination of all three primary elements, you stand a much better chance of ranking high within these engines.

A Couple of Myths Exploded… Isn’t It All Aboutrepparttar 147560 META Tags?

A long, long time ago, in a land far away…it used to be! Whenrepparttar 147561 Internet was first founded, virtually all you had to do to get high rankings was to stick a load of key phrases into your keyword tag and boom, lots of targeted traffic flooding to your web site. Now, however,repparttar 147562 engines are smarter. They pay no attention torepparttar 147563 keyword tags and very little attention torepparttar 147564 description tag. The only tag that carries much weight anymore isrepparttar 147565 title tag and it is extremely important. Isn’t it All About stuffing Your Pages Full of Key Phrases?

No! Not only does key phrase stuffing (as it is attractively known) put you at risk of spammingrepparttar 147566 search engines, it makes your text copy look and sound horrible to your human site visitors. What good are high search engine rankings if your web site text puts off and doesn't convert those visitors into paying customers? You need to maintainrepparttar 147567 balance between natural language and key phrase use.

How can you getrepparttar 147568 balance right? Readrepparttar 147569 detailed information in our DIY Internet Marketing Guides “Start atrepparttar 147570 Beginning” excerpt available here: and also “Writing Text That Sells” excerpt here: How to Optimise Your Web Site. Set your goals. The first thing to consider when embarking on a new search engine optimisation campaign is to establishrepparttar 147571 goals forrepparttar 147572 site andrepparttar 147573 optimisation in general. For instance, isrepparttar 147574 goal to drive more targeted traffic torepparttar 147575 site, to get people to sign up for a newsletter, to get someone to make a purchase online, or is it to entice people to call or fill out a form requesting more information? Usually,repparttar 147576 goals will be a combination of things. Very often different pages withinrepparttar 147577 site will have different goals, and these need to be kept in mind throughoutrepparttar 147578 SEO process.

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