Article Writing: How to Sound Like the Expert You Are

Written by Dina Giolitto

You, too, can become a recognized expert in your specialized field. How? By writing articles that get published onrepparttar internet! Millions of people are gobbling up internet articles right now. I'm one of them.

Other people's articles interest me for two major reasons. 1. I'm a copywriter, so I use them as an information resource to write my own articles. 2. I market my writing services onrepparttar 137005 internet, so I'm always seeking out exciting new business relationships.

Articles speak volumes about an author's intelligence and integrity. If I like what you write, I may do business with you as well as pass your good name along to others who can use what you offer. Some articles meet my criteria for being "expert-level," and others don't. Trust me, I'm notrepparttar 137006 only one out there who's judging. Position your articles atrepparttar 137007 top of your category and increase your credibility a thousandfold! Read on for some helpful article-writing tips.

1. Userepparttar 137008 active voice. Move your audience to action with action words. This means eliminating forms ofrepparttar 137009 verb "to be" in all their wishy-washiness. Is, am, are, was, were: these sad excuses for verbs will weaken your message and put your audience right to sleep. Replace them wherever possible with action verbs, and make your message pop!

2. Directrepparttar 137010 reader. Lately I've come across articles whererepparttar 137011 author tellsrepparttar 137012 reader what they 'could' do. What a lame way to offer advice! Which of these sentences motivates you: "You could start your own affiliate program" or "Start your own affiliate program"? People want to be told what to do; not what they can, could, should or might do. Take a firm stand, and give your reader a direction to go in!

3. Be specific. Want to knowrepparttar 137013 quickest way to lose your reader? Give them a broad topic and then don't follow it with any details. I speak on behalf of allrepparttar 137014 information-seekers when I say this: if you have valuable insights to share, then please take care to explain them fully. You don't have to go on for paragraphs. Just a few gems of wisdom are greatly appreciated, and will establish you as someone who really knows his stuff. If you're hazy on how to do this, always ask yourselfrepparttar 137015 who, what, when, where, how and why ofrepparttar 137016 topic at hand.

Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Good, popular, profitable niche topic websites need good content. Period. You and I both know this.

Now, there are many ways to get content online...

1. You can hire freelance writers, and have them create custom content to be used by you exclusively. This isrepparttar best way to get content, because if you choose your writers well, you can get decent content onrepparttar 134942 topic of your choice. And chances are pretty slim that anyone else online will haverepparttar 134943 exact same content you have. The cheapest rate I've seen this service at though, is $4 per article. Usually it's more like $10 and up per article if you want good content. So a mere 20 articles will cost you at least two hundred bucks!

2. Another great way to get content online though, is to join membership sites like Nicheology and Push Button Health. These sites give you a steady flow of rough draft content for one set price each month. The content usually needs some work, but it's generally worth it forrepparttar 134944 price paid. The catch though, is that these sites are usually filled to their limit. So if you want to join, you'll find yourself waiting in line... sometimes for over 6 months!

The other problem with membership sites isrepparttar 134945 number of people who have access torepparttar 134946 exact same content. Nicheology for instance, limitsrepparttar 134947 number of active members to 1500. That's 1499 other people besides yourself who have access torepparttar 134948 exact same content. BUT... that's not including all ofrepparttar 134949 previous members who ALSO had access to that content... and it's not including all ofrepparttar 134950 new members who will come around inrepparttar 134951 future. They'll have access to that same content as well.

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