Article Marketing: What Is It and How Can I Use it to Grow My Business?

Written by Dina Giolitto

Ever read one of those web articles written by an internet marketing expert? They're really helpful, aren't they. You can learn a ton about how to be a successful web marketer just from surfingrepparttar net and reading articles. And it's funny... you keep seeingrepparttar 145871 same author names pop up over and over, too! But did you ever consider that YOU can write web articles and use them to help grow your business? YOU can become one of these internet guru people just from writing articles!

Article Syndication Simplified

What's an article syndication site? Simply put, it'srepparttar 145872 pick-up and drop-off station for web articles. An author submits an article torepparttar 145873 site and includes their website URL and professional bio atrepparttar 145874 end. The article site then postsrepparttar 145875 article in their queue of articles in distribution. From there, webmasters stop in and "article-shop" forrepparttar 145876 content they need. If they select your article, they'll also include your bio and website link on their site. That's free exposure for you!

The Number One Article Website That Will Get You Noticed

There are tons of article distribution sites onrepparttar 145877 web, butrepparttar 145878 one I recommend for superior content, personalized customer service and a friendly network of reputable authors, is If you want a crash course in article marketing and guaranteed mass distribution of your articles to quality websites, you must visit this place. I promise you'll learn a lot.

How To Enhance the Personal Appeal Of Your Sales Letter

Written by Ray L. Edwards

Probablyrepparttar most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. And there is a reason for this. You will more readily take a friend's advice about a product she has used than trust an advertiser's blurb.

One ofrepparttar 145777 lofty goals of a great copywriter then is to be transformed into a trusted friend ofrepparttar 145778 reader. Instead of writing as to a crowd you can write as to one person sitting on a park bench next to you --- a friend. This proven strategy will explainrepparttar 145779 format ofrepparttar 145780 sales letter used in direct marketing and fast becoming quite popular in online selling.

Letters written in this personal style reducerepparttar 145781 buyer's resistance and ushers you into their circle of confidence and advice. The more cold and formal style of writing common torepparttar 145782 corporate world leavesrepparttar 145783 reader feeling small and 'talked down to'-emotionally unmoved.

It's a tenet of effective copywriting that your letter must be emotionally appealing because people buy based on emotions and then justify their purchase with logic. Being guided by our emotions is not just relegated to small purchase but to ANY purchase we make.

In a recent TIME magazine article discussingrepparttar 145784 skyrocketing house prices, it was interesting to readrepparttar 145785 author's suggested reasons for this recent real estate craze:

"The boom is as much an emotional story as an economic one. It's aboutrepparttar 145786 excitement of potential wealth,repparttar 145787 fear of missing out andrepparttar 145788 envy towardrepparttar 145789 guy next door who bought for a third of what you paid. andrepparttar 145790 embarrassment of feeling too poor for your neighborhood as houses around you are torn down " --America's House Party - June 13, 2005

Unless your sales message resonates emotionally with your prospects then you'll lose potential sales.

Here are a number of ways to increaserepparttar 145791 personal appeal of your sales letter:

1. Write as to one person. Imagine that person sitting right across from you and write as you would speak to them. When a prospect reads your sales copy you want him to feel singled out ofrepparttar 145792 crowd and not as a part of some wider audience.

2. Tell a personal story. If you createdrepparttar 145793 product to solve a personal problem then tell this story. The reader will more readily feel akin to you since they are struggling withrepparttar 145794 same issues.

3. Use your picture withinrepparttar 145795 sales letter if possible. Adding a face torepparttar 145796 letter can greatly enhancerepparttar 145797 emotional appeal ofrepparttar 145798 letter. You must be cautious, however, if your appearance will in anyway offend your market segment. If you are a 'skin head' with bright tattoos and are trying to reach mothers of young children omitrepparttar 145799 picture and depend onrepparttar 145800 words.

4. Include your signature atrepparttar 145801 end ofrepparttar 145802 letter. Even if you are cautious about using your actual signature you can use a handwritten style font as a substitute. 5. Admit to common human weaknesses. This doesn't mean that you have to start a prayer meeting confession session but you can admit to not being perfect. The American public especially likes to know that you are "real", which means that you have a few black spots. People shy away from 'know-it-alls' and 'goody goody' personalities. You don't want to portray this in your copy.

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