Article Equalizer

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

A website without fresh content is a stagnant website. Generating constant fresh content everyday can be a difficult task. Among other methods, articles are a great way to add new content. The "Article Equalizer" software claims to do exactly that - generate fresh content and pages to your site from selected articles.

As a webmaster you have many things to do: you have to manage services, provide customer support, reply to emails, maintain websites and more. The more automated you can make your daily tasks,repparttar more productive you can be.

The process with Article Equalizer works as below:

1. Runrepparttar 144291 software "Article Equalizer" 2. Choose a data source and category has to be chosen (for example, Computers and Internet) 3. The software collects up to 1000 articles 4. It generate pages from selected articles 5. You then upload final pages to your website

More on Keywords

Written by S. Housley

Keywords arerepparttar heart to effective Internet searches. Whether optimizing a web site or searching for a hard-to-find item, consider tapping resources to locate a variety of keywords. Identify keywords and phrases that are relevant torepparttar 144143 products, services, or information you are promoting or searching for.

Synonyms Use a thesaurus to find terms that are related to a primary keyword. Searching on a synonym will often bring up different Internet search results. A thesaurus groups words that are similar in meaning. Usually, you reach for a thesaurus when you have a word in mind and you are looking for a similar term. Keep in mind that no two words mean exactlyrepparttar 144144 same thing. We turn to a thesaurus to find different, more expressive ways of speaking and writing, this is particularly important when related to keywords.

WebReference - Merriam-Webster -

Singular and Plurals Usingrepparttar 144145 plural form of a word in many ofrepparttar 144146 search engines, may result in a different batch of search results, than a search usingrepparttar 144147 word's singular form. It is important that websites be optimized for both singular and plural forms of critically important keywords or phrases.

Meta Tags Look at competitor or similar web sites meta tags to determine if you have overlooked any obvious keywords or phrases. This is very easy to do, simply viewrepparttar 144148 source of repparttar 144149 web page and look for a tag inrepparttar 144150 header that says [meta name="keywords" content=].

Conjugate Verbs Conjugating verbs in keyword phrases will also vary search results. Epitomize a variety of pages for critical past, future and present tense keyword phrases.

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