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Bigmouthmedia On Board

Written by Heather Luscombe

Bigmouthmedia,repparttar award-winning Search Engine Marketing company, has been selected to drive internet traffic torepparttar 135326 National Express website. In an ever-increasing online marketplace, National Express hope to capture their share ofrepparttar 135327 potential coach travel market amongst well known travel booking heavyweights such as Expedia and Lastminute.com.

Kevin Milnes, Digital Marketing Manager at National Express, saidrepparttar 135328 objective ofrepparttar 135329 SEM campaign is more about perception than education. Consumers are already aware ofrepparttar 135330 National Express brand and service offering, but are perhaps less likely to consider coach travel as an option when planning a journey online.

With 1000 UK destinations, and a further 500 throughout Europe and Ireland served by partner Eurolines, National Express offer in excess of 1.5 million different routes and this is whererepparttar 135331 use of search marketing can makerepparttar 135332 biggest impact. Visitors driven torepparttar 135333 National Express website by searching for a specific journey are already pre-qualified, and in a very strong position to convert to bookings.

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