Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts

Written by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

Cindy Lutz Kornet is a talented artist and craftsperson whose work encompasses many media. With "Art and Soul: A Spiritual Approach to Crafts," she shares her philosophy on how art can transform life and touch our souls. The quote that dominatesrepparttar back cover of "Art and Soul" succinctly captures her perspective: "Creation is itself but a longing, a kind of Prayer torepparttar 148026 Almighty."

An experienced art educator, Kornet believes that "everyone is creative by nature and is limited only by lack of experience, self-doubt or a lack of confidence due to other's criticism." In "Art and Soul," Kornet works to strip away some of those inhibitions that keep us from beingrepparttar 148027 true creative spirits we were meant to be. She believes that art can teach us much about life.

For example, inrepparttar 148028 creative process, we may make a "mistake." Kornet encourages her students to go back and see howrepparttar 148029 project can be revised in order to make use ofrepparttar 148030 "mistake" and takerepparttar 148031 project to a new level. This technique may also be used when we face problems in life. Such challenges can begin to be seen as opportunities.

Art can also be used inrepparttar 148032 healing process. Art offers an opportunity to express pain or grief that may otherwise just fester inside. The creative process offers both an emotional release and a finished project that can be used to remember a special person or time period.

Mom's Joy

Written by Demetria Zinga

“Mom, what am I going to do?” I moaned as I shared with my mother my woes ofrepparttar hour. I was working a full time job and my heart was aching to be home with my daughter instead. This was a pretty difficult decision for me, especially since my job was providing a source of financial security for me and my family. Without it, we would definitely be in a rut to make ends meet. Very calmly she replied “Did you seekrepparttar 147939 Lord about it?” “Yes!” I cried, “and, well…I’m just not sure that He’d have me leave my family in a financial rut just so I could stay home with my daughter. What do you think?” The smile in her voice when she spoke eased my mind, and I knew immediately what I should do. Months later I had quit my job and was home with my daughter, raising her and being there to see her most precious moments and milestones. The Lord had protected our financial well being and had blessed my husband with a raise at his job. But before long, I was calling Mom again. “Mom?” I began slowly. Mom waited. “Well…” I hesitated, “I love being in school right now and everything, but…” and there I continued my woes ofrepparttar 147940 hour as Mom patiently and attentively listened to every word I spoke. And once again, she not only listened, but spoke words of truth to me that I knew only God could have given her to share with me for that very moment.

I have never seen her falter. Inrepparttar 147941 face of adversity and moments of desperation, I have seen her call out to our Heavenly Father, and with such faith and trust in Him that it literally moves me. Inrepparttar 147942 midst of her troubled situations I have observedrepparttar 147943 peace of God which resides upon her life andrepparttar 147944 joy ofrepparttar 147945 Lord that radiantly shines from within.

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