Aromatherapy to Overcome Your Financial Fears

Written by Francoise Rapp

For many people,repparttar menacing and overpowering awareness of their financial state is enough to keep them awake at night. And it's no wonder, since we spend so much of our daily lives doing mental accounting of our finances, paying bills, and watching our paperwork pile up. This financial anxiety can be paralyzing for some, keeping them in an endless poverty consciousness cycle that actually prevents them from attractingrepparttar 122404 abundance they so desire.

If you suffer from these self-sabotaging fears, it's time to learn how to release their hold on you. And you may be surprised to learn thatrepparttar 122405 remedy is really no different than treating a physical ailment.

When you are sick, you take herbs and nurture yourself in order to regain your health. Apply this principle to your emotional state and use action to relieve your symptoms. Include a simple ritual and a customized aromatherapy blend to your daily routine and you will soon find yourself free fromrepparttar 122406 financial fears that were holding you back.

Start by takingrepparttar 122407 following actions to welcome prosperity into your life:

--Clearrepparttar 122408 Clutter-- Are you apprehensive about your accounting, allowing it to pile up and clutter your life? Considerrepparttar 122409 negative message that sends about your abilities to manage your finances. Eliminating clutter is a major principle in Feng Shui. When you clear it, you also eliminaterepparttar 122410 emotional clutter as well. Do a major de-cluttering this week. Make it a point to organize your papers, file your receipts, etc. Then, make sure to maintain your new sense of order.

--Change Your Perspective onrepparttar 122411 Situation-- We are often reluctant to address our finances because we are afraid of what we will find. Will we find more debt? Will we discover we have less money than we need? Change your perspective today by doing an inventory of your life. Make a list of all your goods: possessions, relationships, success stories, health, etc. See how much you have on hand instead of how much you lack. And remember, no matter how bad it gets, there is always a way out.

Little Things

Written by Donald Schnell

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Little Things

By Donald Schnell

What a week this is going to be, right?

Opportunities, ideas, new ways of looking at things...

You create your Spiritual Success today!

Spiritual Success? This isrepparttar 122403 success you achieve from following spiritual principles to happiness that lead to your worldly and spiritual success.

Your success begins with LITTLE THINGS

Almost twenty years ago, I remember wanting some chicken. So I ordered a salad and some broiled chicken. Whenrepparttar 122404 salad came, I addedrepparttar 122405 chicken torepparttar 122406 salad creating my first main course salad. I learned this healthy idea from Marilyn Diamond's bestseller, Fit for Life. A thought occurred to me . . .

Most people don't do that.

The thought of adding "high water content foods" to their meals is ridiculous to most people...

So they buy all kinds of diet books and join a health club, hire a personal trainer but still don't drop any weight.

Before I go any further, this discussion isn't about weight loss or exercise...

.... Itís about doing little things to reach your spiritual successÖ your enlightenment.

Clients always want to know how they can be more effective. Well, once you're pointed inrepparttar 122407 right direction, it comes down to little tiny decisions that on their own don't seem like they make a bit of difference. Like putting your chicken in your salad and not having any bread or carbohydrates withrepparttar 122408 meal.

Does one main course salad make such a huge difference in your health?

Of course not.

But you've got to keeprepparttar 122409 big picture in mind & keep it BIG!

You knowrepparttar 122410 old metaphor aboutrepparttar 122411 tree that took a thousand swipes withrepparttar 122412 ax to be felled? The big question is which blow knocked downrepparttar 122413 tree,repparttar 122414 1,000th orrepparttar 122415 999 before it? Orrepparttar 122416 many before that? Which weakened it enough?

You can't get where you're going without taking each and every step. It'srepparttar 122417 little things you do each day that make a difference. That's why I call this Enlightenment 101. It's easy. Just takerepparttar 122418 little steps.

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