Aromatherapy for Emotional Security

Written by Francoise Rapp

Self-improvement is about finding balance and happiness in our daily lives. The most important area in which we can achieve balance is in our own emotional security. After all, we cannot find true balance in relationships, our work environment, and even spiritually until we achieve self-acceptance, self-control, understanding and compassion. And while many of us believe we have a balanced sense of self, our insecurities often creep silently into our life, leaving uncertainty and regret in its wake.

Emotional security is a subtle yet profound issue because without it you can develop unhealthy behaviors and attitudes, like codependency, control, neediness, demand, low self-esteem and more. It can also affect specific areas of our lives, including our relationship and career success.

Being emotionally secure leads to a healthy life in general because there are no unhealthy attachments, you are secure to be alone or inrepparttar company of others and you do not require validation from others. You are more willing to take risks because you haverepparttar 122425 confidence you need to achieve success in every aspect of your life.

There are ways to overcome insecurity. Engage your friends and loved ones in communication about your feelings and how they can help you to feel more at ease. Working with a coach or therapist may help discoverrepparttar 122426 root of your insecurities. Numerous self-help books are available to help those who struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem. It is also important to indulge in nurturing therapies such as massage and aromatherapy. Not merely "guilty pleasures," these kinds of therapies are an important way to demonstrate your self worth.

The following aromatherapy blends will support you during your drive to overcome your insecurities. These blends will help you gain a profound sense of inner peace and healthy detachment, allowing you to feel secure by eliminating any unhealthy needs you may have for validation and attention. Prepare each of these blends by pouringrepparttar 122427 essential oils into a 10ml bottle, and then adding organic vegetable oil to fill. I recommend sweet almond, jojoba or safflower vegetable oils. ******** Inner Peace & Balance ******** This blend will help you to gain more insight about your needs and wants, and achieverepparttar 122428 balance you need to become more self-accepting.

What is a Life Purpose?

Written by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed. Whole Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

What is a Life Purpose? The word purpose means to have intentional results. When we are on purpose, we are making a conscious effort to be or create something. Usually what we really want to be or do seems out of reach, “impossible.” But we must remember thatrepparttar word “impossible” with an apostrophe is actually I’m (I am) possible. And you are! Dudley Lynch and Paul Lordis in their book Strategy ofrepparttar 122424 Dolphin said this: “We can define “purpose” in several ways. For one, when know our purpose, we have an anchor--- a device ofrepparttar 122425 mind to provide some stability, to keeprepparttar 122426 surprises of a creative universe from tossing us to and fro, from inflicting constant seasickness on us. Or we can think of our purpose as being a master nautical chart marking shoals and rocks. Perhapsrepparttar 122427 most profound thing about “being on purpose” is that when that is our status, our condition, and our comfort, we find our lives have meaning, and when are “off purpose” we are confused about meanings and motives.” A clearly defined life purpose provides meaning, direction, and significance. Your life purpose answers two essential questions: Who do I want to be? & What do I want to do? When we are living from our true soul’s purpose, we feel more alive---filled with excitement, joy, and inner peace---in a word “contentment.” We are more connected to one another as human beings and more content with who we are and what we do. When we are “on purpose” we tap into a higher power, we have supernatural support! The best things in life seem to be naturally attracted to us. When we are not on purpose, we try to do it all alone! We grasp at straws, every thing looks good—whether it is a new job, going to school, moving, finding another lover—anything to fillrepparttar 122428 void ofrepparttar 122429 extreme emptiness we feel inside. Not being on purpose leads to constant seeking--- external things to make you feel more fulfilled. Being on purpose leads to effortless contentment---an internal peace with what is unfolding in your life. You have a feeling of “all is right withrepparttar 122430 world” and I have an important part to play! As Thomas Edison once said, “If we all didrepparttar 122431 things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” To reach this place of soulful purpose, an inner shift must first occur. Change starts onrepparttar 122432 inside, and as you awaken torepparttar 122433 real part you are meant to play, you will develop confidence in knowing who are meant to be and what you are meant to do inrepparttar 122434 world. You will develop awareness of how big and bright you really are. You will then begin to accept your part, articulating it to yourself and others, and finally taking action to live out your purpose.

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