Aromatherapy Favorites: Patchouli Essential Oil

Written by Misty Rae Cech

Patchouliís History and Uses

Ah, Patchouli oil - people seem to love it or hate it. This well know essential oil has a somewhat deserved reputation asrepparttar scent ofrepparttar 146278 Hippy generation (according to one source, itís use began as a mask forrepparttar 146279 odor of a particularly cherished herb), though itís traditional use dates back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Today, Patchouli oil has a well-deserved reputation in aromatherapy, with itís deep, musky, and sweet odor, and Earth and Fire balancing energy. It is an exotic aroma that can forever leave an imprint onrepparttar 146280 olfactory memory.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) is a perennial herb native to Southeast Asia, growing wild in Sumatra and Java at elevations between 3,000 and 6,000 feet Ė though itís cultivation is more pervasive in lower tropical jungles. This bushy plant grows torepparttar 146281 height of 3 feet, having a strong stem and soft, hairy leaves. For essential oil production,repparttar 146282 plant is cut two or three times per year, withrepparttar 146283 best quality oil derived from leaves harvested inrepparttar 146284 wet season. The leaves are hand picked, bundled or baled, and allowed to partially dry inrepparttar 146285 shade and ferment for a few days beforerepparttar 146286 oil is extracted via steam distillation (Patchouli oil is now becoming available as a CO2 extract in limited quantities). The fermentation process softensrepparttar 146287 plantís cell walls, easingrepparttar 146288 extraction ofrepparttar 146289 oil.

The relative ease of itís cultivation, and itís high oil yield keepsrepparttar 146290 price of true Patchouli essential oils relatively low. It is important to note however, Patchouli is one ofrepparttar 146291 few essential oils that improve with age (others being Frankincense, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Vetiver), and that a properly aged Patchouli oil is much more desirable than a fresh one. Over time,repparttar 146292 oil looses a harshness that many find distasteful, and adds a sweet top note. As it ages,repparttar 146293 oil turns from light yellow to a deep amber, withrepparttar 146294 aroma becoming smoother and more rich. Principal constituents ofrepparttar 146295 oil include: Patchoulol (25-35%), Alpha-Bulnesene (12-20%), Alpha-Guaiene + Seychellene (15-25%), and Alpha-Patchoulene (5-9%).

Perhaps first due to itís power as a moth repellent,repparttar 146296 aroma of Patchouli was pervasive in cloth and clothing exported from India inrepparttar 146297 19th century. The scent became an indicator of true ĎOrientalí fabric, so much so that English and French garment makers were obliged to scent their imitation products with Patchouli to ensure their acceptance inrepparttar 146298 domestic marketplace. Beyond its use for preventing holes from being eaten in oneís cloting, Patchouli oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in Malaysia, China and Japan. Primarily indicated for skin conditions, Patchouli may be of benefit in cases of dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry chapped skin, and other irritating conditions, along with dandruff and oily scalp conditions. As a cell rejuvenator, it may help in healing wounds and reducingrepparttar 146299 appearance of scars. It is considered an excellent remedy for insect and snake bites, and has been used as a fumigant and rubbing oil to preventrepparttar 146300 spread of fevers and to strengthenrepparttar 146301 immune system.

Designing A Calm Home ADD ADHD Atmosphere

Written by Ron Rougeaux

Attention Deficit Disorder is a mild brain disorder that is passed down from parent to child.

If one parent has Adult ADHD, then their child has a 50% chance of inheriting it. If both parents have it, a child is almost 90% likely to have attention deficit disorder. This means there may be more than one ADHD child in a family.

What this means is that attention deficit disorder hyperactive children who have trouble concentrating and sitting still are born to hyperactive ADHD adults who have trouble organizing their day and staying focused on tasks.

This is a real problem, becauserepparttar ADHD child does best in a very structured environment. ADHD child adult ADD They function best when there is a definite routine followed hour by by day.

Yet they are born to parents who are unorganized and unstructured - this is whererepparttar 146249 family problems start. That is why most ADD ADHD specialists recommend thatrepparttar 146250 family go into counseling as a group, or thatrepparttar 146251 parents get trained in how to handle children who tend to be difficult.

If you cannot afford a therapist trained in attention deficit disorder or if your insurance does not cover this service, you may want to join a support group through CHADD. Books like Conquer ADD ADHD help you.

Here are some things ADD ADHD coaches and counselors typically recommend. This kind of advice isrepparttar 146252 hardest for someone with attention deficit disorder to follow, because they prefer to "live onrepparttar 146253 edge" and find well- organized houses "boring" and "uptight."

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