Aromas to Heal a Broken Heart

Written by Francoise Rapp

Too often people write off break-ups as just another page to turn inrepparttar book of life. There is some truth in that, but break-ups should be taken a bit more seriously. After all, this isrepparttar 101873 end of a relationship. And this loss can be as painful as losing a loved one in death. To heal it takes time, self-care, and conscious processing of your emotions. It is vital that you allow this healing process to occur, and take advantage ofrepparttar 101874 situation to treat yourself with gentleness and nurturing.

Here are some other things to keep in mind during this transformative time:

Avoid any big decisions.

Go intorepparttar 101875 pain andrepparttar 101876 feelings. There is no way out but to get through it...and you will!

Take long aromatherapy baths with appropriate holistic blends. See recipes below.

Cry when you need to. Don't let others tell you to just get over it.

Be VERY selfish.

Surround yourself with positive and happy people.

Dare to ask for a lot of hugs.

Get a dog or cat, or cuddle withrepparttar 101877 ones you have.

Write really awful, bitchy, letters to your ex. Write everything you would love to say. Burn them inrepparttar 101878 sink. Runrepparttar 101879 water to make it go away.

Love yourself. Look inrepparttar 101880 mirror as often as you can and say wonderful things about yourself aloud.

Write your way throughrepparttar 101881 feelings.

Connect with other people who understand and can relate: friends, counselors, message boards on websites, etc.

Have a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise (at least get some fresh air onrepparttar 101882 beach, atrepparttar 101883 park, etc.).

Nourish your soul with beauty: watch movies, read poetry, go to museums.


Stay alone and appreciaterepparttar 101884 tranquility of your aloneness.

There's no rule for how longrepparttar 101885 pain of a heartbreak will last. It may take weeks, months or even years. But usingrepparttar 101886 following special aromatherapy blend and ritual will soothe your heart, nurture your wounded soul, and envelop you in comfort. I recommend following this bath ritual every night until you feelrepparttar 101887 pain has faded.

Don't Compare Partners

Written by Rinatta Paries

Have you ever found yourself comparing your current partner to someone from your past, and finding your current partner lacking? Worse yet, have you found yourself telling your current partner he or she is being compared to someone in your past and falls short?

What is it we are really after when comparing current and former partners? Do we want our current partners to be just like our exes? Probably not, or we would still be in those relationships. I think when we are making a comparison, we are really after something else. My hunch is what most of us really want is to have our current partners meet some specific needs and desires inrepparttar same, natural way as our past partners did.

Unfortunately, when we make this comparison between partners and then tell our partner about it, he or she will probably not takerepparttar 101872 feedback well. In fact, your partner will be very likely to feel angry, resentful, and to make sure not to do what you want.

How can you, then, get what you want in a more effective way than causing resentment and anger in your partner? How can you have your needs and desires satisfied? It's simple, really. Just ask. But be sure to ask without making your partner wrong for not already having met your needs.

Let's look at an example. Let's say you are not getting enough romance in your current relationship, but had gotten plenty of it in your past relationship, and liked it that way.

If you were comparing your current partner to your ex, you might say things like, "Why aren't you more like X? He (or she) was so romantic. I would get flowers and cards from him all ofrepparttar 101873 time." Or, you might say, "She was much more interested in romance and intimacy than you are." Then you might finish with, "You are just not like him (or her)," with a negative connotation in your voice.

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