Arguments for and against...

Written by Terry Dashner

Arguments for and against…

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I’m going to lay it onrepparttar line for you. I’m going to tell you what they say regardingrepparttar 137768 existence of God. And then I’ll conclude my remarks by telling you what I say aboutrepparttar 137769 arguments. So here I go.

I begin withrepparttar 137770 ancient Greeks.

Aristotle gave usrepparttar 137771 most systematic expression ofrepparttar 137772 reasons for believing in God. His philosophy, in turn, influencedrepparttar 137773 doctrine ofrepparttar 137774 Roman Catholic Church and its greatest theologian—St. Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas, you might remember, gave us five proofs of God’s existence: Motion—things grow and develop by a hidden hand in nature (God); Causation—one thing causes another until you reachrepparttar 137775 first cause of all things which is God; Possibility and necessity—things exist in a network of relationships. Everything is dependent on something, except God. Gradation of being—the universe is a pyramid of beings at different levels of perfection. From worms to man to angels to God there is a continuum of creatures. And number five is Governance ofrepparttar 137776 world—design inrepparttar 137777 universe speaks of a rational, caring, and orderly God.

Thomas’ A Posteriori Proofs (proving God’s existence by external things) stood solid throughoutrepparttar 137778 Middle Ages and intorepparttar 137779 Reformation, butrepparttar 137780 19th century turned things upside down. Philosophers like Hume and Kant tore intorepparttar 137781 argument of design with a vengeance. Kant affirmed thatrepparttar 137782 most it could prove was thatrepparttar 137783 universe had an architect. To convertrepparttar 137784 architect into God, a theologian would have to addrepparttar 137785 ontological argument. Later on scientists began attacking it. Scientists claimed thatrepparttar 137786 design inrepparttar 137787 universe is appearance but not reality and make their appeal to Darwin or evolution. They concede thatrepparttar 137788 hands and eyes of man are engineering marvels but emphatically claim that they arerepparttar 137789 products of millions of years of evolution.

But Darwinism isn’t every scientist’s rave. Evolution is refuted byrepparttar 137790 biologists who say that there isn’t enough time for evolution to take place by purely natural or chance factors withinrepparttar 137791 two billion years that life is supposed to have existed onrepparttar 137792 earth. It takes greater faith thenrepparttar 137793 theologian’s to believe that a bucket of dirt can evolve into a horse in a matter of ages. Then againrepparttar 137794 evolutions counter: The giraffe must grow a long neck to reachrepparttar 137795 leaves he feeds on;repparttar 137796 deer must develop long slender legs for running faster than his predator. These intra related connections speak of survival and adaptation ofrepparttar 137797 fittest. But onrepparttar 137798 other hand, in cosmic teleology no such connections exist. Evolution fails again. There is no necessary connection betweenrepparttar 137799 distance ofrepparttar 137800 earth fromrepparttar 137801 sun andrepparttar 137802 amount of nitrogen onrepparttar 137803 surface ofrepparttar 137804 earth. Again, to resort to probability or chance variation to produce these conditions calls for a greater miracle and a greater act of faith than believing in God (Bernard L. Ramm, A Christian Appeal to Reason, World Books Publishers 1972).

More Than A Head...

Written by Terry Dashner

More than a head…

Terry Dashner…………….Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

You’ll need more than just a good head on your shoulders to receive this. In fact, you’ll need a heart. And you will need something else.

Someone once said that human reason must follow faith, notrepparttar reverse. What does that mean? It means that reason can carry you so far with God. Then you must take a leap of faith. Faith soars far aboverepparttar 137578 mind of man. Allow me to explain myself, please.

Our system of democracy is indebted torepparttar 137579 ancient Greeks. Our system of civil law is indebted torepparttar 137580 Romans who borrowed heavily fromrepparttar 137581 Greeks. In Greek history a witness testified in a court of law what he saw with his own eyes. His facts (facts ofrepparttar 137582 witness) becamerepparttar 137583 facts ofrepparttar 137584 court. Throughrepparttar 137585 eyes ofrepparttar 137586 witnessrepparttar 137587 court becamerepparttar 137588 observer. Butrepparttar 137589 word witness came to mean something in addition torepparttar 137590 observer. To witness meant to persuaderepparttar 137591 court thatrepparttar 137592 facts were true facts. Not only wererepparttar 137593 facts presented butrepparttar 137594 witness worked to persuaderepparttar 137595 court that what he saw was indeed true.

Here’srepparttar 137596 something else you need to help you receiverepparttar 137597 things of God. You needrepparttar 137598 Holy Spirit. Onlyrepparttar 137599 Holy Spirit can witness to whatrepparttar 137600 Father and Son are doing in Redemption. The Holy Spirit also persuades us that it is true. The Holy Spirit isrepparttar 137601 Divine Persuader, and He persuades only inrepparttar 137602 context of truth. He witnesses torepparttar 137603 believer thatrepparttar 137604 Word of God (Bible) is true. I believerepparttar 137605 Gospel of Jesus Christ because I’ve had supernatural help believing it. I didn’t wake up one morning and determine to believe God’s Word. The Holy Spirit did a work in my life that brought me to truth, and then He persuaded me that it was true. That’s why I really believe that Jesus isrepparttar 137606 Son of God becauserepparttar 137607 Holy Spirit persuades me.

All Christians haverepparttar 137608 witness ofrepparttar 137609 Holy Spirit. That’s why a believer knows what she knows, what she knows, without a degree in Theology. The Holy Spirit brought forthrepparttar 137610 truth ofrepparttar 137611 Gospel and persuaded her that it was truth for her. The Bible is credible, believable, within itself—not needingrepparttar 137612 help of externals to testify to its truth—becauserepparttar 137613 Holy Spirit of God testifies to it.

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