Are you in the right business?

Written by Kara Kelso

Often times we see people struggling with their online businesses, and while normally it's marketing related problems,repparttar real problem may be you are inrepparttar 149064 wrong business.

There's thousands of articles on how to promote your business, and other related materials, but very little on how to choose your business. The normal response to a request for information on starting a business is glowing recommendations from current reps and how fabulous their opportunities is. The problem is, while they may be inrepparttar 149065 perfect business for them it may not berepparttar 149066 perfect business for you. Thus causing problems later on.

You may have been given advice before you started on how to choose your business. You may have heard "go with your passion, you need to loverepparttar 149067 products!". Some may not have heard this at all, but joined your business because ofrepparttar 149068 compensation plan. While both of these points are important, they aren'trepparttar 149069 only thing you should look at when joining a company.

Some may want to promote only online, butrepparttar 149070 company prevents this. Some companies deal mostly online while you want to take your business offline. Being in this situation can hold you back, and there are just too many options for direct sales companies to settle on one that restricts you.

Interior Decorating For Fun & Profit!

Written by Randy Wilson

Interior decorating has grown 11% inrepparttar last five years and will continue to grow as more people are working outsiderepparttar 149009 home and acquiring more money. If you are constantly being asked for your interior design ideas, this could be an incredible opportunity for you. All you need to do is make a few decisions and love to create beautiful home interiors.

The first thing to decide is if you want to be an interior designer or just do interior decorating. It may not seem like a big difference, but it actually is. An Interior Designer has to graduate from an accredited Interior Design program, and in many States,repparttar 149010 person must take an exam and are licensed. However, if you donít want to attend school right now or ever, you can opt to be an interior decorator instead.

Before selling your interior decorating services, you must practice. Learn some ofrepparttar 149011 tricks to decorating on a budget, and get ideas about what services you want to provide to your customers. Try these services out in your own home, and offer them for free inrepparttar 149012 homes of your family and friends. It is great practice and can help to build your portfolio.

To build your portfolio take before and after pictures of each project you do, whether it is large or small. You should have fifteen to twenty pictures in your portfolio and letters of recommendation from happy clients. It is also a good practice to create design boards for each project, and keep them with your portfolio.

Once you have decided on opening an interior decorating business, you should call around to different competitors to get an idea ofrepparttar 149013 services they provide andrepparttar 149014 fees they charge for their services. This is a great way to decide on how to charge your clients.

There are several ways to price your interior decorating services. They include using a flat fee, hourly fee, percentage fee, cost plus, retail cost or per square foot fee. Most interior decorating businesses userepparttar 149015 cost plus method for their fees.

To userepparttar 149016 cost plus method, you must contact wholesalers and retailers who offer interior decorating businesses discounts. This way you purchase everything forrepparttar 149017 project from paint to furniture. You then, sellrepparttar 149018 products and your services torepparttar 149019 client for your cost ofrepparttar 149020 products plusrepparttar 149021 twenty percent going rate.

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