Are you in control of your online destiny?

Written by Marc Goldman

Are you content with sitting back and being someone elses affiliate forever? If you are then read no further my friend, this ones not for you. But if you are not satisfied with promoting products and services owned by others asrepparttar sole means of generating revenue from your online business then you are going to love this article. To really succeed online you must be in control of a product or service, you must berepparttar 127479 owner of a product or service that is in high demand. If you are open torepparttar 127480 idea of mastering your destiny, I will show you how to turn an idea into a goldmine and give yourepparttar 127481 blueprints for following through on this plan. If you are scared to create your own products, don't be. You have limitless potential to turn your ideas into bankable and credible products that can give yourepparttar 127482 freedom that you desire (at least I assume you desire freedom, if not then substitute income, free time, ego massage, whatever you like). When you consider creating a product, you must understand one very important point: Sell people what they want, not what they need!!! Read that again if you have to. People don't buy what they need, they buy what they want. How many times have your needs gone unmet because you bought something you wanted instead? With that said, how do you know what products your audience wants? Ask them! You need to implement some market research to determinerepparttar 127483 kinds of products your audience is interested in. Surveys and web polls arerepparttar 127484 easiest tools to use to gatherrepparttar 127485 data you need to understandrepparttar 127486 wants of your target market. Set up a survey or poll on your site or in your newsletter, offer your market different options and ideas, query them for their opinions. When you have received anywhere from 50 to 100 responses you are ready to do some work and find out whatrepparttar 127487 majority of your respondents want to buy and then you create it! That is important point number 2: Don't create your product UNTIL you know your market wants it. Once you know your product is wanted, you need to decide what format to create it in. You can write an information product and put it in ebook format. This is quite a popular option but don't overlook some ofrepparttar 127488 many ways your product can be created: Many people have used audio to create fantastic information products. This also adds torepparttar 127489 perceived value of such products. Perceived value is how much people think your product is worth based onrepparttar 127490 contents ofrepparttar 127491 product. Statistics show that if a product contains audiotapes and videotapes it can sell for a much higher price than a manual because people perceive that it

Are You Learning to Sell?

Written by Edward Thorpe

That'srepparttar question my big shot internet multi-millionaire mentor asked me this morning. Are you learning to sell?

No chit-chat. No how'srepparttar 127478 wife, son, weather. No interest in my health. This cat has zero interest in anything but my sales.

I Love That! If you're in business you have one object. Make that sale! During your business day - Everything you do must help you make that sale.

Yeah, you do have to build relationships with clients. You must behave with integrity. You Should under promise. And Over deliver. You must follow up. Stay in contact, etc.

But you can do those things after you make that sale.

Duringrepparttar 127479 selling process you concentrate on makingrepparttar 127480 sale. Focus on *that* sale. Sell like your business depends on *this* one sale. It does, you know. You get'em one at a time.

You go throughrepparttar 127481 selling process. Like this --

1) Build rapport. Ask questions then Shut The Hell Up & Listen.

2) Qualify your suspect. Keep asking Questions, Shut Up The Hell Up & Listen.

3) Create desire for your product. Find their problems & *prove* that your product/service is their best solution.

4) Build value in yourself & your business organization

5) Ask forrepparttar 127482 sale. In other words, close. Example: Do you want to put this on your credit card, or do you prefer writing a check? Then Shut The Hell Up!

6) Handle objections if necessary. Smile & re-state *Their* favorite solution to *Their* problem. (Your product/ service's benefits, of course) Ask them to agree you've clearly answered their concerns.

7) Again ask forrepparttar 127483 sale. Example: Let's take care of this now so you can start enjoying...benefits/ solutions, etc. Then Shut The ____________!

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