Are you feeling jealousy? Should you exit the lifestyle stage right?

Written by Gin

It is widely spoken that jealousy andrepparttar swinging lifestyle do not mix. I was once told that I had two choices for dealing with my jealousy. 1. Get out ofrepparttar 142458 lifestyle or 2. Dismiss my jealousy and continue swinging. Certainly, I did not want to give up on livingrepparttar 142459 lifestyle. My desire did not leave me because of my jealousy. I chose to dismiss it. This lead us blindly into 3 bad swinging encounters. Let's face it, we are all human and we face and deal with jealousy issues outside ofrepparttar 142460 lifestyle.Why

Are the neighbors next door secretly swinging?

Written by Gin

The swinging lifestyle does not discriminate against race, body type,sexuality,social standing or financial stability. There are people successfully livingrepparttar lifestyle from all walks of life.

Government and State officials as well asrepparttar 142290 unemployed enjoyrepparttar 142291 erotic pleasures of being onrepparttar 142292 swinging scene.

Choosing to liverepparttar 142293 lifestyle, is just that, a choice. A PERSONAL CHOICE just as choosing a religion or a political party to become affiliated with.

Althoughrepparttar 142294 swinging lifestyle has become more recognized and accepted by society, discretion among swingers is still of utmost importance. Employers as well as family and non lifestyle minded acquaintances seem to view swinging as immoral and threatening torepparttar 142295 existence ofrepparttar 142296 traditional marriage and male/female relationship.

Please allow me to say thatrepparttar 142297 serious swinging couples,repparttar 142298 couples with strong, loving marriages/relationships do not enter intorepparttar 142299 lifestyle looking for something better than what they have in their existing marriage/relationship.

Couples enter intorepparttar 142300 lifestyle seeking to fulfill fantasies and desires of which are nothing more than foreplay for their intimate encounters alone together. The lifestyle is an enhancement just as watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic story. A "mood setter" of sorts .

But, swinging IS NOT for everyone. If swinging is chosen as a lifestyle to fix a broken marriage/relationship, a damage control plan better be in place. Again,repparttar 142301 swinging lifestyle is an enhancement, not a solution.

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