Are you Failing to Attract Traffic to Web Site - Www.My-Beloved-Site.Com?

Written by Graeme Sprigge

Do you knowrepparttar two biggest reasons for lack of traffic to your product site or affiliate site?

Is it competetion? Is itrepparttar 138574 crazy search engine algorithms?

It's neither of these things! The 2 biggest reasons are:

1) You have a lack of knowledge - I'm sorry to be blunt 2) You are not usingrepparttar 138575 right tools

This should actually make you feel better for a moment - because now you can logically do something about it rather than "spinning your wheels"

Let's assume you are at point a and you want to get to point b.

Getting there requires a map. The map is basically a traffic plan.

Sorepparttar 138576 first step is to have a definite traffic plan and then DOrepparttar 138577 plan.

The second step is utilize additional tools to 'turbocharge' your plan.

These two techniques combined will attract traffic to website - real traffic, targetted traffic and ongoing traffic.

To build a real traffic pulling site requires persistence and technology. Combinerepparttar 138578 two and you WILL attract traffic to your site.

Optimizing Flash. Can it be Done?

Written by Joe Balestrino

Optimizing Flash. Can it be Done?

By: Joe Balestrino

Sincerepparttar inception of Flash, it has beenrepparttar 138552 programming medium of choice for many companies. Most professionals recognizerepparttar 138553 superior visual aspects that Flash has to offer. Unfortunately, Flash is also very hard to optimize. Many SEO firms would rather tell you Flash canít be optimized than to try and optimize it. No, optimizing a Flash site is not simple by any means, but it is entirely possible. The absence of quality content that cannot be indexed is a huge factor regarding any flash presentation. You can add META and keyword tags. Unfortunately, many search engines such as Google do not use these tags.

Large companies shell out big bucks for Flash sites. They donít want to hear that their site canít be optimized because ofrepparttar 138554 format. They loverepparttar 138555 effects of Flash, but more importantly require search engine optimization for their content. Here are some things you can do to increase a sites ranking when dealing with a flash format:

Ideally, you want to get in onrepparttar 138556 ground floor of a Flash site being developed. Try to persuaderepparttar 138557 client to have flash headers andrepparttar 138558 rest ofrepparttar 138559 site HTML based. This would berepparttar 138560 most cost effective option. The other option is to create a duplicated HTML. If neither of these is an option, move on torepparttar 138561 next step.

Add your META, keyword and description tags torepparttar 138562 opening page to be displayed while flash is running. While some may feel that it can clutter a page,repparttar 138563 results are hard to argue with. Follow standard SEO protocol. Use keywords in your TITLE tag. Build your link popularity to boost your client inrepparttar 138564 search engines. Try to link with sites that are pr 4 or more. Never link to sites that have more than 100 links on their link pages. Also, link to sites that allow you to use descriptions. Use keywords in your description. Stay away from sites that only allow banners or no description in linking. Those types of links do not help at all. Remember, links pointing to your site are more important then links going out, so concentrate on those first and foremost.

The next and final tip is controversial. The infamous page re-direct. There are some re-directs that work better than others. My understanding is that Google allows redirects. Google states on their site that a using a "301" code in HTTP headers site direct is recommended if you have moved your site. So, using this to redirect an HTML page to a Flash site should not be a problem. In other words create an HTML page. Fill it with relevant content. Do not stuff it full of keywords. You will then need to create an .htaccess file. To learn more visit

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