Are you Earning the Most from your Cleaning Jobs?

Written by Gail Metcalf

It's great when you have a base of clients you service on a regular schedule. And if you're running your business for maximum profit, then you know you have to have a base set of tasks that you perform. But how can you earn more from these clients? After all it costs you advertising dollars to go out and get more clients.

Why should you have a base set of tasks? Because if you don't, your client is always going to ask for more, and they won't want to pay for it.

The Man Who Offered to Beat Me Up

Written by Joe Vitale

The Man Who Offered to Beat Me Up

by Dr. Joe Vitale

Today I received a long letter from a man who created a new self-defense system. He claims he can defeat anyone in under 3 minutes.

He wants me to promote him and his method. He went on to say he'd be happy to meet with me to prove his skills.

What did he have in mind?

He wants to beat me up.

I'm serious.

"If I can defeat you within 3 minutes," he said in his letter, "then you promise to promote me and my products. Deal?"

He went on to give merepparttar contact information for his agent so I could set uprepparttar 146934 match.

It might have made an interesting webcast. I can just seerepparttar 146935 headline:

"51-year-old formerly obese Internet Marketing Expert meets 30-year-old Superman-fit Martial Arts Expert in Quick-Kill Match. Register now."

Gee, I wonder who would win?

I'd lose even if I went armed.

What would you have done?

How would you have responded to his offer?

Unless you're a fighter looking for a match, you'd probably toss this offer inrepparttar 146936 trash.

I often wonder what people are thinking. Does this guy really think I'll fight him? And then, if I lose, I'll gladly smile and start marketing him?

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