Are we really a nation of dog lovers?

Written by paul green

I am not talking about your average pooch, I am talking aboutrepparttar most obedient, loyal, loving, and trusting animal I know,repparttar 151046 racing greyhound.This breed of dog isrepparttar 151047 most discarded of all breeds of dog, especially before, during and after their racing days. Being an owner for many years and then a trainer of racing greyhounds I have seen both worlds and have now decided, to give up and just try and look after my 14 greyhounds that are now pets. They are wonderful creatures and all greyhounds deserve better. I am out of work atrepparttar 151048 moment but I will do everything I can do to give these animals a home. The reason I gave up was because I could not sit around and watch what I call sheer cruelty. I have seen an awful lot of perfectly healthy animals put to sleep basically due to injures, too old for racing or just not fast enough and have outlived there sell by date. The owners and trainers of this small minority are gutless and only one thing rules them, money.These are truly wonderful creatures and a loving home is all they need, sadly thousands of these animals never get that far. It

How to Choose a Pet

Written by Alyssa Hallam

Do you know that inrepparttar United States pets outnumber people? Recent statistics show that there are about 380 million pets opposed to 290 million people? 62 % ofrepparttar 150911 households own a pet, and 46% of all households own more than one pet.

The most common pet inrepparttar 150912 USA isrepparttar 150913 cat (of which there are 78 million pet cats), next comesrepparttar 150914 dog (there are 65 million dogs),repparttar 150915 third most popular pet is birds (18 million). The other top pets are small animals and fish, but there are a lot less of these than cats and dogs.

More and more people are buying pets because they realiserepparttar 150916 great advantages of having a pet, a pet is a great companion, a loyal friend and a part ofrepparttar 150917 family. Since a pet has such an important role to play in your life it is important thinking hard to pickrepparttar 150918 right pet for you.

Careful research before allowingrepparttar 150919 new member in can save a lot of frustration later. If you and your pet are not compatible, your coexistence will not be peaceful and eventually you may have to expelrepparttar 150920 poor creature, because it is you, who maderepparttar 150921 wrong judgment.

If you are choosing a petrepparttar 150922 real choice you are probably making is whether to get a dog or a cat, perhaps you are considering a pet that requires less effort such as a fish or bird also. If you decide to opt for a dog you must then choose what breed of dog toget, with over 150 breeds you are spoiled for choice!

Dogs are considered to be more of a companion or friend than a cat, however dogs require more care than cats. Cats are far more independent - they tend to spend a lot of time off by themselves, they also tend to form more of bond withrepparttar 150923 home where they live than withrepparttar 150924 people they live with.

It is very important to figure out how much spacerepparttar 150925 pet needs and whether you can provide it. If you live in a small flat and there is not enough room, think about whether a dog will be happy in that confined space. Even a cat might feel imprisoned. Probably in this caserepparttar 150926 best selection is birds or fish, because they do not need much space.

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