Are headlines like this really the best that local news can do?

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

Sometimes I really do think that local means yokel. This is never morerepparttar case then when it comes to local television news. Somehow it manages to get on our screens twice a day on both BBC1 and ITV, despite it being dull, unimaginative, and generally a waste of everyone’s time. Atrepparttar 141534 expense of sounding likerepparttar 141535 stereotypical, capital-centric Londoner, I’ll admit thatrepparttar 141536 first time I ever came in contact with local news was when I came to Oxford. At first I thought maybe I was just missingrepparttar 141537 familiar faces and format ofrepparttar 141538 local news I was used to at home, but it didn’t take too long for me to realise that what I was watching really was of embarrassingly poor quality. Of course we have local London news, butrepparttar 141539 crucial difference is that things actually happen in London. Similarly I’ve been reliably informed that local news in Northern Ireland doesn’t lack for drama • “Raid on local paramilitary group,” “Multi-million pound bank robbery” • it’s hard to argue that these headlines are anything other than eye-catching, and of course relevant torepparttar 141540 lives of people watching. Before you start writing angry letters about how happening life is inrepparttar 141541 Outer Hebrides, let me give some examples of recent news stories on our very own BBC South Today.

Facing Job Interview

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

Facingrepparttar job Interview

It is a very tough job market now days. You have to have additional skills to be successful. A little careful study and practice will give an edge overrepparttar 141533 others and you will come out with flying colors. Here are some useful tips and suggestions.

First step for getting a job is to be able to get a call for personal interview from perspective employer. Your record till date matters a lot and how do you present that inrepparttar 141534 CV will get you noticed amongrepparttar 141535 crowd. Be sure that your CV is written properly and is impressive. You may like to take expert help for writingrepparttar 141536 CV.

Second step, which comes across, will be in form of written test for ·IQ and reasoning. ·English. ·General awareness or general knowledge. ·Abilities with basic math.

The third and final step before you are called for a final interview could be inrepparttar 141537 form of a Group Discussion where your various abilities, which are discussed later, will be tested.

Congratulations now that you are through with first three stepsrepparttar 141538 finale has come and you have to show “Do you have it in you”. For this you have to know what do they really want? What your interviewer is looking for is how suitable you will be forrepparttar 141539 job can you hit bull’s eye by having showing them suitable mix of Qualities in you? Just remember that having these qualities is one thing and demonstrating these is another, which is more important. Do not think that you haverepparttar 141540 qualities and it is for them to judge these qualities. You will 100% go wrong. The qualities are

Must Qualities Following qualities can be considered to be must which you must posses, however depending on job profile there could be some differences: - ·Your Attitude ·Sincerity ·Faith in yourself ·Determination and self confidence ·Depth of knowledge ·Analytical abilities ·Integrity ·Interpersonal Skills ·Team spirit ·Loyalty ·Discipline ·Leadership ·Clarity of Thoughts

Should Qualities. These are additional qualities which, though not essential qualities but can be labeled as desirable qualities: - ·Maturity ·Adaptability ·Flexibility ·Wisdom ·Punctuality ·Written and verbal communication ·Initiative ·Your over all Personality ·Ability to influence others ·Physical Appearance ·Tolerable stress levels ·Sense of Humor ·Value System ·Motivation Level ·Honesty ·Good IQ and EQ ·Noticeable past demonstrated performance ·Good listening skills

This all put together reflects your overall potential forrepparttar 141541 suitability ofrepparttar 141542 post on offer. There are few more qualities which can be put as could have qualities, which will give you, edge over others should there be a tie among you and your competitor: -

·Learn to solve problems and not create them. ·Plan and organize work in systematic manner. ·Get things done through other people. ·Show evidence of your motivations and interests.

Let us come closer and see what prospective employers have to say about their disliking about a candidate. These are results of a survey, which was undertaken by a popular magazine to findrepparttar 141543 reasons for not hiring an otherwise suitable candidate: -

You can eat away your chances of success if you: -

·Act disinterested ·Do not do your homework ·Talk too little / TOO MUCH ·Display bad manners ·Run down your current or past employer ·Take credit for things you did not do ·Hide holes in your resumes ·Show lack of confidence inrepparttar 141544 prospective employer ·Negotiate too early aboutrepparttar 141545 salary even before they tell you that you are hired.

Their Criticisms ofrepparttar 141546 candidates

·Did not prepare well forrepparttar 141547 interview ·Failed to listen to questions asked / answeredrepparttar 141548 wrong question. ·Provided superfluous information and unnecessary detail. ·Made negative comments about yourself / Showed low self-steem. ·Made negative remarks aboutrepparttar 141549 company orrepparttar 141550 interviewers. ·Were poorly motivated - didn't ask job related questions - didn’t take opportunities to sell yourself. ·Showed poor face-to-face communication skills

Certain don’t duringrepparttar 141551 interview

·Use interviewers' names, unless asked. ·Sit down, until you are invited. ·Worry about being nervous. Be sure that makes you more nervous. ·Show samples of your work, unless specifically requested ·Show disappointment if things aren't going your way. ·Correctrepparttar 141552 interviewers unless in a tactful manner. ·Say anything negative about yourself/put yourself down. ·Criticize your current or previous employers. ·Give up hope ifrepparttar 141553 interviewer is negative/abrupt. ·Ask how well you've done inrepparttar 141554 interview. ·Talk about salary/benefits/holidays unless they bring it up Before D Day

·Do company research. Know aboutrepparttar 141555 company in general andrepparttar 141556 department you are being tested for. This will give yourepparttar 141557 idea aboutrepparttar 141558 type of questions you will be asked and also prepare forrepparttar 141559 answers you should be giving. ·Identify your skills & personal strengths and list these in a logical order. ·Match your skills to job requirements. By doing so you will position yourself at an advantage over others having similar qualifications and experience. ·List likely Interview questions

Duringrepparttar 141560 interview. Be careful your

·Turnout ·Body Language ·Listening and verbal skills ·Knowledge ·Sharpness ·Grasping power ARE BEING PUT TO TEST

A word about Turn out

In a major survey of employer attitudes to candidate’s appearance at job interviews,repparttar 141561 majority agreed that grooming strongly influences their decisions on who will be hired. The Secrets of Interview Success ·Express yourself with clarity and precision. ·Speak confidently, making sure to support your answers with relevant examples from your work ·Always relate your answers torepparttar 141562 job for which you are applying. ·Always present a positive face ·You should state and supply evidence that you enjoy your job; that you are enthusiastic and ambitious; and that you welcome challenge. ·It is important to tellrepparttar 141563 truth in interviews. ·Convince them that your experience qualifies you forrepparttar 141564 job on offer. Group Discussions: What is Group Discussion

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