Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy? How Character Building Charts Keep You Sane

Written by Jean Tracy

Who lives in your house? Are they driving you “crazy?” Do you have a Winnierepparttar Whiner, a Sammyrepparttar 145237 Slacker, or a Bubbarepparttar 145238 Bully? Perhaps you’ve yelled, you’ve lectured, and you’ve even spanked to get your Winnie to stop whining, your Sammy to do his chores, and your Bubba to stop hurting his little brother. How can you get your Peterrepparttar 145239 Cheater to play fair, your Larryrepparttar 145240 Liar to tellrepparttar 145241 truth or your Tillyrepparttar 145242 Tattle to mind her own business? Our greatest task as parents is to raise children with strong healthy characters. Let’s find out how Character-Building Charts helped one mother and how they can help you too. I remember counseling a young boy who was a ‘Sammyrepparttar 145243 Slacker.’ One day his teacher confided, “When I tell my class, ‘Children, please take out your readers,’ Sammy leans back in his chair, his arms hanging over its back, and calls out, ‘I can’t find my book!’ Sure enough, a little girl scrambles over, looks his messy desk, and finds it for him.”

Sammy irritated his teacher, lostrepparttar 145244 respect of his classmates, and had no friends. These are notrepparttar 145245 consequences most parents want for their children.

To help Sammy, I worked with his parents, especially his mother. I found out that her mother and grandmother believed it was their duty to be servants to their families. They were to pick up after everyone, do allrepparttar 145246 housework, and be happy too.

Sammy’s mom finally understood that she was spoiling her child, making him weak, dependent, and distasteful to others. She decided to turn offrepparttar 145247 internal voices of her mother and grandmother.

Sammy's mother did three things:

Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Baskets

Written by Donna Monday

Everyone loves to receive a gift basket. Corporate gift baskets are often given by businesses to their customers as a token of their appreciation. However, most gift baskets are person to person expressions of love and friendship.

You can find a great selection of online gift baskets fromrepparttar very expensive torepparttar 145236 cheap. Or, you can come up with your own unique gift basket idea and surprise a cherished friend or loved one.

It’s not difficult to make your own personalized gift baskets. Most gift baskets involve a theme.

Here are some sample ideas to get you started:

** Cookie Gift Basket – bake up some homemade cookies and enclose them in colorful plastic wrap, include a personal card or poem.

** Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket – include individual fancy chocolates, boxed chocolates, orrepparttar 145237 person’s favorite chocolate bars along with hot chocolate mix.

** Holiday Gift Basket #1 – a Christmas holiday gift basket idea could include small stocking stuffers, candy canes and homemade Christmas cookies.

** Holiday Gift Basket #2 – a Halloween holiday gift basket can be stuffed with candy, throw in some plastic skulls, spiders, cob webs and assorted creepy items.

** Wine Country Gift Basket – wine and cheese baskets are favorites, include two bottles of choice wine from your favorite winery or wine shop, add cheese and crackers.

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