Are Your Dreams Trapped Inside Your Head?

Written by Oscar Bruce

Sometimes a dream needs a little help. Even in our social and business relations,repparttar race is not torepparttar 102097 swift, but torepparttar 102098 verbal -repparttar 102099 spellbinding orator -repparttar 102100 silver-tongued seducer.

As you are reading these words, you are taking part in one ofrepparttar 102101 wonders ofrepparttar 102102 natural world. For you and I belong to a species with a remarkable ability. That ability is language -- Man's most important cultural invention. With nothing but words, we can reliably cause new ideas to arise in each other's minds. Hypnosis has proven that mere words can deeply influence behavior and perception.

Language is a bit likerepparttar 102103 artist whose palette has only two or three splotches of color from which to choose. So it is with a vocabulary that has limited words for paintingrepparttar 102104 stories of one's past or future. They are colorless and uninteresting. They lack excitement or persuasion.

Take, for example,repparttar 102105 less fortunate hapless worker. He probably has lofty dreams. But those dreams are trapped inside his head because No dream or ambition can be told without being couched in words. Limited words mean limited expression. Limited language skills mean limited opportunity. These limitations block efforts to raise him aboverepparttar 102106 worker class. His struggle to upgrade his circumstances collapses atrepparttar 102107 point his language skills fail to support his aspirations.


Written by Dr. Donald E. Wetmor

Time isrepparttar great equalizer for all of us. We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, yielding 168 hours per week. Take out 56 hours for sleep (we do spend about a third of our week dead) and we are down to 112 hours to achieve allrepparttar 102096 results we desire. We cannot save time (ever have any time left over on a Sunday night that you could lop over torepparttar 102097 next week?), it can only be spent. And there's only two ways to spend our time: we can spend it wisely, or, not so wisely.

We can effectively increaserepparttar 102098 amount of time available to us each week by working "smarter" rather than working "harder". In my twenty years as a full-time Professional Speaker onrepparttar 102099 topic of Time Management, I have noted five sure fire ways to make an immediate impact on increasing our available time each week.

Engage an intern Most high schools and community colleges offer intern programs for their students. The student is assigned to a real-life organization for 10-20 hours per week. They are typically unpaid but do earn academic credit and make great contacts andrepparttar 102100 organization gets an "extra pair of hands". The person who is assignedrepparttar 102101 intern can now delegate any number of things torepparttar 102102 intern to free up their time for more productive matters. It's a "Win-Win" deal for both.

Run an Interruptions Log It would be great if we could plan our dayrepparttar 102103 night before and then make that plan happen as scheduled. The real world is different. We have to deal with interruptions. Interruptions are unanticipated events that come to us viarepparttar 102104 telephone (any ofrepparttar 102105 electronic stuff: beepers, pagers, email, etc.) or in person. Many interruptions are important and are what we may be paid to handle. However, many interruptions have little or no value to our responsibilities. Run an Interruptions Log for about a week. List every interruption as it occurs and rate its value to you. A=Crucial, B=Important, C=Little value, D= No value. Afterrepparttar 102106 week of logging them in, reviewrepparttar 102107 list and take action to eliminaterepparttar 102108 repetitive C and D interruptions and re-capture some wasted time.

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