Are You a Worrier?

Written by Jessica Gerald (Pen Name)

I'm a born worrier. It's something I fight allrepparttar time. But it never seems to be what is actually happening that I worry about. It'srepparttar 145376 "what-ifs?" that causerepparttar 145377 most stress.

I thought aboutrepparttar 145378 words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33,34. He understands our tendency to worry, fear, and fret. He advises us to take one day at a time, and trustrepparttar 145379 present andrepparttar 145380 future to him.

I've found

...BEHOLD: The Prince of Persia...Get Ready for War with Iran

Written by Doug Krieger

Behold: The Prince of Persia!…get ready for War with Iran

By Doug Krieger

A witch’s brew: The mixture of religion and politics. That’s precisely what this article has done! Scott Ritter’s analysis thatrepparttar US is technically at war with Iran (as we speak), and that this can be validated byrepparttar 145375 same preparations and activity prior torepparttar 145376 Coalition ofrepparttar 145377 Willing’s incursion into Iraq in early 2003, is ominous and, unfortunately, overall trustworthy. Our analysis confrontsrepparttar 145378 majority opinion expressed by conservative Christians inrepparttar 145379 pursuit ofrepparttar 145380 War on Terror againstrepparttar 145381 “evil doers” . . . and whyrepparttar 145382 “American Patriotic Church” is theologically resolute in its support forrepparttar 145383 Administration’s designs inrepparttar 145384 Middle East—the moral under girding inrepparttar 145385 Neo-Con implementation of Democratic Globalism is just about to be wildly tested, once again.

DÉJÀ VU (Where have I heard this before?)

(Note: May I warn you fromrepparttar 145386 outset . . . this treatise may commence withrepparttar 145387 levitas of “secular” indiscretions, comments and analysis . . . but it will culminate with relevant theological gravitas . . . bear with me; and, oddly enough,repparttar 145388 article actually “hangs together”)

“President Bush had signed a covert finding in late spring 2002, which authorizedrepparttar 145389 CIA and US Special Operations forces to dispatch clandestine units into Iraq forrepparttar 145390 purpose of removing Saddam Hussein from power. The fact is thatrepparttar 145391 Iraq war had begun byrepparttar 145392 beginning of summer 2002, if not earlier . . . as wasrepparttar 145393 case with Iraq pre-March 2003,repparttar 145394 Bush administration today speaks of ‘diplomacy’ and a desire for a ‘peaceful’ resolution torepparttar 145395 Iranian question. Butrepparttar 145396 facts speak of another agenda, that of war andrepparttar 145397 forceful removal ofrepparttar 145398 theocratic regime, currently wieldingrepparttar 145399 reigns of power in Tehran . . . as with Iraq,repparttar 145400 president has pavedrepparttar 145401 way forrepparttar 145402 conditioning ofrepparttar 145403 American public and an all-too-compliant media to accept at face valuerepparttar 145404 merits of a regime change policy regarding Iran, linkingrepparttar 145405 regime ofrepparttar 145406 Mullah's to an ‘axis of evil’ (together withrepparttar 145407 newly ‘liberated’ Iraq and North Korea), and speaking ofrepparttar 145408 absolute requirement forrepparttar 145409 spread of ‘democracy’ torepparttar 145410 Iranian people. (Scott Ritter, July 2005, RENSE.COM)

History tends to repeat itself. Yes, but this fast? Yes, again! Scott Ritter, beloved voice ofrepparttar 145411 Left for his criticisms ofrepparttar 145412 War in Iraq, is a former intelligence officer forrepparttar 145413 United States Marine Corps (where he served asrepparttar 145414 lead analyst forrepparttar 145415 Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force concerningrepparttar 145416 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan andrepparttar 145417 Iran-Iraq War). Also, this “Army of One” wasrepparttar 145418 key coordinator forrepparttar 145419 implementation of UNSC (United Nations Security Council) resolutions mandatingrepparttar 145420 elimination of Iraqi WMD.

So . . . BAM! Ritter gets top billing in Aljazeera for his prophetic outbursts by likening Bush’s pre-invasion tactics of Iraq with what’s happening now in Iran. Indeed,repparttar 145421 parallels are staggering and overwhelmingly convincing, even torepparttar 145422 God bless America crowd—who, unfortunately, demand thatrepparttar 145423 present conflict be expanded to includerepparttar 145424 entire “Axis of Evil” (along with a few lesser-rans like Syria andrepparttar 145425 rest of those mad bombers running around loose out there). They need to be hunted down and democratized, sorepparttar 145426 Free World can get on with globalization, along with unhindered economic growth inrepparttar 145427 USA.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can stoprepparttar 145428 cheap money pouring intorepparttar 145429 US economy (and, ipso facto,repparttar 145430 accelerated/unimaginable skyrocketing prices found inrepparttar 145431 US housing market today) from central banks, all to willing to financerepparttar 145432 national debt in order to keep Americans buying their cheap products.

The foreign purchase of US bonds, in order to finance our nearly $8 Trillion Trade Deficit (now outpacing our National Debt (also $8 Trillion) by nearly twice as fast), places uninhibited pressure upon lenders and mortgage companies to keep interest rates artificially low, which in turn directly exacerbaterepparttar 145433 already inflated housing market drivingrepparttar 145434 current “economic boom/bubble.”

One must ponderrepparttar 145435 intoxicating influences of that Great City prophesied in Scripture with a new understanding of what it means to be addicted to alcohol—talk about going on a bender (i.e., a massive drunken spree), with absolutely no desire for a 12 Step or “Wagon” experience!

“For allrepparttar 145436 nations have drunk ofrepparttar 145437 wine ofrepparttar 145438 wrath of her fornication,repparttar 145439 kings ofrepparttar 145440 earth have committed fornication with her, andrepparttar 145441 merchants ofrepparttar 145442 earth have become rich throughrepparttar 145443 abundance of her luxury” (Revelation 18:3).

Of course, all this apocalyptic hyperbole, according to our what-me-worry Preterist buds, took place years ago (like 1900 years ago) around 100 A.D. . . . . So, who cares about Bible prophecy anyway, right? After all, who wants to live in an encumbered future full of doom and gloom and “Ritter rhetoric” that smacks of “American hate speak” and, furthermore, borders (no, it actually is) malignant, traitorous propaganda. Alas! Ritter has becomerepparttar 145444 replacement for Baghdad Bob; you know, that clown featured on news channels for his “all is love and oneness” remarks when all “Western hell” was breaking lose (now, come on, you lefties had to laugh at that character). His believability ratings were offrepparttar 145445 chart: “That wasn’t Saddam you guys captured, it was Santa Claus!”


O.K. Let’s get serious about this business of world conquest by democratization on a scale heretofore not seen since ancient Rome. The evidence mounts daily on US intentions (let alone Israeli intentions) regarding Iran’s pending demise (a.k.a., “regime change possibilities”). Most Americans have no idea, thanks torepparttar 145446 complicity ofrepparttar 145447 corporate media (and that’s not a cliché . . . check out this website next time (and excuse my purposeful digression), you’ll be glad you used a Westinghouse toaster while you’re watching TV; to wit:

“In 2004, Bagdikian's revised and expanded book, The New Media Monopoly, shows that only 5 huge corporations -- Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) -- now control most ofrepparttar 145448 media industry inrepparttar 145449 U.S. General Electric’s NBC is a close sixth.” (See: )

Pilotless drones scourrepparttar 145450 airspace above Iran, whilerepparttar 145451 CIA-backed Mujahadeen el-Khalq, or MEK, an Iranian opposition group, once run by Saddam Hussein’s dreaded intelligence services, but now working exclusively forrepparttar 145452 CIA’s Directorate of Operations, pans out across Iran—a bombing here, a bombing there, man, we could be talking about a real bombing campaign here pretty soon.

And, of course, Bush/Rice continue to bashrepparttar 145453 Iranian efforts at “free elections” – naturally,repparttar 145454 hardliners have riggedrepparttar 145455 whole smear, so what else is news. Meanwhile, a huge US military buildup continues unabated in, naturally, you guessed it: Just due north of Teheran, Iran: Azerbaijan (former Soviet bastion of infiltration and headaches for Persia’s Shah). Good night, readrepparttar 145456 entire link and weep (for “joy” if you’re a crusader; for “grief” if you’re an Islamic bureaucrat), and “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

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