Are You a "Job Snob?"

Written by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A.


I want to define what I think a job snob is. It is someone who thinks that he/she is indispensable torepparttar business where he/she works. It is someone who thinks that an educational degree gives one more clout inrepparttar 136380 workplace. A job snob does not socialize with other employees nor participate much in work site politics, except to cultivate those in higher positions.

What can a job holder do about this kind of snobbery? Or is it necessary to do anything? Some suggestions of mine are: Keep yourself inrepparttar 136381 social loop atrepparttar 136382 workplace. Empathize with someone who may need mentoring. Tune intorepparttar 136383 social gossip, don't malign others, however. Just listen and be a part ofrepparttar 136384 bantering, gossiping, or watercooler tales without passing on information or hints that can damage anyone. A receptive listener is always welcome at any level.

Job snobbery can be softened by looking for a next job. That job may take more talent than you have. Drop your defenses to plan on a next move that includes others. If you don't, whether it is where you are now, or in a new job;repparttar 136385 most innocuous of your work companions can make it difficult for you if their perception is one that you are incompetent and arrogant to boot. Friendliness begets friendliness, even on a small scale.

Quick and Easy Tips About Resume Categories

Written by Quick and Affordable Resumes Team

There are several factors that are essential to a strong resume.

>>>>>>>>>>>>VISUAL APPEAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Make it attractive and organized by being consistent! Be sure to use tabs instead of spacing. Each element should be presentedrepparttar identical way from section to section. For example, if you center and bold a heading, center and bold all of your headings. If you indent your experience under an employer, dorepparttar 136379 same forrepparttar 136380 rest. If you use justrepparttar 136381 years for a position held, do not use months forrepparttar 136382 other positions. If you skip one line between two sections, skip only one line between all sections. When you are done, examinerepparttar 136383 format. Does it look uniformed?

Many job seekers makerepparttar 136384 mistake of creating a simple, hard-to-read heading or “Resume Letterhead.” To start your resume off right, bold and capitalize your name and make it at least a 16-point font size. Place your address in an interesting way. For example. breakrepparttar 136385 address up on either side ofrepparttar 136386 name, placed inrepparttar 136387 center, and add a line to separaterepparttar 136388 name and address fromrepparttar 136389 body ofrepparttar 136390 resume.


Indicate your objective sorepparttar 136391 reader doesn’t have to guess. Instead of using an objective statement that really doesn’t say anything specific, place an objective title in its place, all caps and bold. Or:

Wrong/boring/cliché: OBJECTIVE: Seeking to secure a growth-oriented position utilizing my experience and education.

Alternative: traditional/focused: OBJECTIVE: Customer service representative with five years of experience in automotive manufacturing seeking a sales position with a major auto dealership.


List several key qualifications (hard skills) that matchrepparttar 136392 requirements of a position. This could include length of experience, type of experience (i.e. sales, customer service, technical expertise, licenses, certifications, and degree).

>>>>>>>>PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES<<<<<<<<<<<

Sparingly list soft skills and personality traits well suited forrepparttar 136393 position. This should not be confused with qualifications. This could include strong communication skills used as a group presenter, excellent time management skills, people-oriented, project-oriented, team leadership, problem solving skills, mathematical aptitude, confidentiality, patient advocate, etc.


Provide a presentation of where you worked, in what positions, and for how long. Convey whatrepparttar 136394 positions were about and what your main responsibilities were. Take into consideration who you reported to, if you supervised and trained anyone, who your customers were, how you interacted with them, what type of projects you worked on, if you handled monies or managed budgets, if you utilizedrepparttar 136395 computer to retrieve and update information, etc.


If you possess certain technical skills such as patient care, computer systems, automotive repair, scientific R&D, etc., be sure to emphasize it in a situational way to showrepparttar 136396 reader how you used these skills. If you have extensive computer skills, be sure to create a separate category called Technical Expertise.


List accomplishments to show you make a difference inrepparttar 136397 workplace. This could include process improvements, streamlining workflow efficiencies, training others when a new computer system was implemented, starting up a new department, etc. You can include your accomplishment directly under each position or in a separate category called Accomplishments, Achievements, or Contributions.

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