Are You a Hosting Hostage?

Written by John Calder

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In recent years,repparttar hosting business has become extremely competitive. Not so long ago,repparttar 134354 monthly price for an average hosting account for one domain was inrepparttar 134355 $35 and up range, at a minimum. Now, you can get a hosting account where you can host unlimited domains (up torepparttar 134356 disk space and network usage limits of your account), for $25 and under. To try to win more customers in this crowded field, most hosting companies offer bundles of features, included at no extra charge in your hosting plan.

Onrepparttar 134357 surface, all of those features look great, and they are. From single autoresponders to shopping carts, from private name servers torepparttar 134358 amazing Fantastico package that lets you install any of numerous software packages, like blogs, content management systems, forums, help desks, and so on, with near one-click ease. But there's a hidden, more self-serving reasonrepparttar 134359 hosting companies offer this convenience to their customers. They hope you'll become dependent enough onrepparttar 134360 software features they offer that it will discourage you from changing hosting companies.

What Hosting Package is Right For You?

Written by Scott J. Patterson

As an owner of an online store you are probably faced with a number of important decisions. One ofrepparttar first choices you can make is your selection of a web hosting package.

Since a hosting company is responsible for showing your web pages torepparttar 134353 world, your selection can have an incredible impact on your business.

The wrong choice could be disastrous!

But, even if you do careful research,repparttar 134354 options for web hosting can be overwhelming. Althoughrepparttar 134355 majority of these companies provide quality services, it is still hard to distinguish one fromrepparttar 134356 other.

Instead of looking forrepparttar 134357 hosting company that is "best" for you, it is important to understand your unique situation and select a company that fits your business.

Below, I have listed 7 scenarios for an online business. Each one has different needs. As a result, I have recommended a separate hosting package to match their profile.

In order to prevent confusion, I won’t go intorepparttar 134358 “specs” for each hosting company. Instead, I will briefly listrepparttar 134359 reasons that I think that this company will suit your purpose.

Well, let’s get started…

Top Web Hosting For Beginners:

The first steps as a webmaster can very important. If you are faced with too many difficult challenges, it can be frustrating Because of this, it is important to find a hosting company that is easy to use and understand.

One specific company, midPhase Hosting, provides a straightforward hosting package that is perfect for people with their first website. MidPhase’s best feature is their support- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whenever you have a problem with your website, they are there to help you.

If you are someone with little or no computer experience, then midPhase isrepparttar 134360 hosting package for you:

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Top Web Hosting For Penny Pinchers:

One ofrepparttar 134361 biggest concerns for an online business owner isrepparttar 134362 costs of various items. When starting out, it is very common for repparttar 134363 average person to make an effort to save money. So, an expensive hosting package is NEVER an option.

If you are a person who needs to save money while receiving a quality hosting package, Your-Site Hosting is right for you.

At $5 a month, Your-Site provides probablyrepparttar 134364 best price around for hosting a website. Surprisingly though, this company doesn’t scrimp on their services. Their customers enjoy a large disk space capacity and other extras that is perfect for a small to medium sized website.

So, if you are looking to save some money in your web hosting package, then Your-Site isrepparttar 134365 hosting package for you:

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Top Web Hosting For Online Store Owners:

Since eCommerce sites have very specific needs, it is important to find a hosting package that will support them. The average online store has hundreds, even thousands of product photos. As a result, it is important to find hosting that will store these photos while loading fast.

One company, StartLogic, makes an excellent option for an online store owner. In addition to their large storage space and fast loading servers, StartLogic provides additional services that are great for an online store. Their eCommerce enabled services are perfect for those who want an online store without many ofrepparttar 134366 hassles involved with running one. Finally,repparttar 134367 customers of StartLogic are given a top-notch program that aids in building a website.

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