Are You a High Traffic Site?

Written by David McKenzie

If you are an affiliate or are thinking of becoming an affiliate in an affiliate program you probably have seen some statistics like these inrepparttar affiliate sign-up information:

"Low traffic sites can earn $500 - $1,000 per month, medium traffic sites can earn $1,000 to $2,000 per month and high traffic sites can earn $3,000 + per month."

Wow!! Sounds pretty good.

>From one affiliate program it seems you could be making over $3,000 a month just because you're a high traffic site.

Are you a high, medium or low traffic site? Who knows, different people have different views about what is high or low traffic.

You probably figure you are a medium traffic site or a low traffic site atrepparttar 102635 absolute worst.

So just by joining this fantastic affiliate program you'll be earning at least $500 a month and more likely somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 a month.

Gee, if you find another couple of affiliate programs like this you'll be banking in excess of $100,000 a year. Yippee!!

Man, lets go for it. Lets sign up NOW!

But what they did not tell you (and it's not really their obligation to tell you either) is that these statistics only apply torepparttar 102636 affiliates that are marketing their affiliate programs every day.


Written by Grady Smith

Let me get right torepparttar point. You are wasting valuable energy by working your fingers torepparttar 102634 bone to bring traffic to your site only to let them slip away. There, I said it. Now what are you going to do about it?

Iím sure you want to know how I doubled my profits in an hour. Well, let me give you my simple system.

I userepparttar 102635 magic of affiliate programs. Sure, youíve seen them around. Maybe even thrown a few links up on your website. But let me show you a way to increaserepparttar 102636 exposure and desire of your affiliate links.

First, I strongly recommend a pop up window for when visitors leave your site. At least if you canít sell them on your offer, you might have a strong chance of makingrepparttar 102637 sale with someone elseís products and get a piece ofrepparttar 102638 pie.

I figure theyíre leaving my site anyway and didnít want to take me up on my offer. Sure, itís a hard pill to swallow. But that doesnít mean they arenít buyers. They just might be inrepparttar 102639 market for something else.

So, a pop up with some targeted offers works great.

What I mean by targeted is, why didrepparttar 102640 visitor come to your site? They probably saw an ad. The question is, why did they respond torepparttar 102641 ad? Did you promise an internet home business opportunity? If so, then target your affiliate product offerings around internet opportunities to make money. Present a varying list that provides different ways to make money online so youíll increase your odds of hitting their buy button. Listrepparttar 102642 highest priced product atrepparttar 102643 top and work your way down torepparttar 102644 lowest priced product. The reality of not makingrepparttar 102645 sale might be your offer was more than they could afford to invest.

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