Are You Well Protected?

Written by Roxie Hickman

Fall is synonymous withrepparttar start ofrepparttar 107776 cold and flu season. Though technically speaking, things got started a little early. Close to a million computers, mostly home PC users, were infected byrepparttar 107777 Blaster Worm virus and SoBig.F. Microsoft expects more to come withrepparttar 107778 recent discovery of another flaw waiting to be exploited. For many of us our computers are our business. We keep in contact with customers and clients via email, do extensive internet research, and transmit important files electronically. We know what to do to protect our bodies from viruses. There are some simple strategies, and even free precautions we can take to protect our businesses by keeping our PCs virus free. Adoptingrepparttar 107779 following six checkpoints will help keep your computer healthy and your business uninterrupted. Use a Firewall At its most basic level a firewall is a software security system that acts as a barrier between your computer andrepparttar 107780 outside world (the internet) by monitoring all incoming network traffic. A more advanced firewall will also monitor outgoing traffic. How you use your computer will determine whether basic or advanced firewall protection is needed. What a firewall does is make your computer invisible while onrepparttar 107781 Internet. If hackers can't see you, they cannot attack you. Windows XP has this software installed; however, it may need to be enabled. If you have XP and would like to enablerepparttar 107782 firewall, directions are onrepparttar 107783 Microsoft website. For non XP users, firewall software can be purchased. McAfee and Zone Alarm are two very popular products. Zone Alarm has a free downloadable firewall, basic version, available on their website, Before installing a firewall, you may be interested in learning your computerís vulnerability. This is something that can be checked for free and in just a few minutes. Visitrepparttar 107784 website of Gibson Research Corporation, (no need to type www), and under Hot Spots, click on Shields UP. It takes a little bit of scrolling to get to but is well worthrepparttar 107785 extra seconds. In minutes your PC is scanned and its vulnerability rated. Antivirus Software Antivirus software isrepparttar 107786 "shot" afterrepparttar 107787 epidemic. This software protects your computer from known threats. Many PCs come with antivirus software already installed. Some ofrepparttar 107788 more popular versions are Norton, PCCillin and McAfee. If you have it pre installed or have purchased it, great. Please be sure to keep it constantly updated withrepparttar 107789 latest virus definitions. This is important because these definitions are formed in response torepparttar 107790 latest viruses. If you don't have this protection, please consider getting it. Once this software is installed on your computer, you will be automatically notified when new virus definitions are available. Then it is just a matter of a few clicks to downloadrepparttar 107791 new definitions. Likewise you will be notified when your antivirus software is about to expire. The software needs to be updated annually. The initial purchase, renewal, updates and installation can all be done online. Spyware Eliminator Why am I getting all of these pop ups? Certain websites that you visit or free software (shareware) that you download, and, in some cases, hardware purchased from major manufacturers will also install tracking devices on your computer (spyware). Spyware is annoying but not illegal.

Cache in your chips and get a bus!

Written by Seamus Dolly

Computer related terminology could sometimes be daunting to newcomers. These are relatively new words or hybrids of words, already in existence. Someone with a degree in English, for example, could not necessarily guess,repparttar function of a particular devise, by its name. This is because such a devise never existed in history or inrepparttar 107775 history ofrepparttar 107776 English language. Tolerance and patience is required. If you work inrepparttar 107777 field of computers, these "new" words must be learned. However, P.C.'s are designed for use by ordinary people, andrepparttar 107778 gritty details regarding their construction, can be largely ignored. A journalist, typist, builder or bookkeeper doesn't need to know what an EIDE or SCSI is, or indeed isn't. Hard drive description is not relevant torepparttar 107779 majority, as long asrepparttar 107780 devise is functional. A "BUS", though, could be guessed by some, as it carries something, not unlike a conventional bus. In this case, it carries current/electrons/data, and is simply a conductor. A bus conductor, if you like. For now, buses are made of copper with experiments underway to utilise other materials. I read recently that "prions", which are a type of protein, are been considered as conductors. Will some of our computers' components be organic? We shall have to see! Fibre optics, which are, basically speaking, glass pipes around four thousands of an inch (0.1 mms.), in diameter, employrepparttar 107781 speed of light, for signal/data transfer. A light (diode), is on or off, at one end, and a photo-resistor atrepparttar 107782 other end registers its state. Now, wasn't that simply put! These glass pipes are coated to reflectrepparttar 107783 light inwards, meaning that light can be "bent" around corners, while within its container/pipe. Heat generation is minimal and electrical resistance is redundant. It is heat generation and resistance that brings your "fan" into play, keeping everything cool, and electron transfer at a controlled level. Low resistance= high current. Your starter motor for your car has really thick cables allowing electrons fromrepparttar 107784 twelve volt power source (battery) to do their job in turning over you engine, which is a considerably difficult task. A smaller cable would have a higher electrical resistance, causing it to overheat, and eventually, melt. Keep listening for that "fan". It is your computers first line of defence. In fact, it isrepparttar 107785 principle of electrical resistance that is employed by electrical heaters.

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