Are You Up Soaring With The Eagles? Or ... Not?

Written by Ron Knowlton

The eagle is a majestic bird. Soaring and swooping down on its prey with great accuracy. With strong talons and "eagle eyes" - it gets what it wants and then swooshes back up intorepparttar air.

This is a bird that has come to symbolize success, accuracy, and perseverance.

All qualities, byrepparttar 117877 way, needed to succeed online.

Are you soaring with eagles ... or not?

Think about it.

Why do some businesses soar aboverepparttar 117878 rest - making big profits online?

And others do not?

Couldrepparttar 117879 answer be found ... inrepparttar 117880 eagle?

Tonight I attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Eagle isrepparttar 117881 highest rank a boy can achieve as a boy scout.

Statistically, I was told, only 1 in 100 boys ever earns this rank.

Yet those who do, find themselves in a class of great distinction!

So many boys start downrepparttar 117882 road believing that they will become "Eagle Scouts" - et only a few ever do.


Chad,repparttar 117883 boy honored tonight, almost didn't make it.

He came within two or three merit badges, then stopped.

As many do.

That's when his parents stepped in - strongly encouraging him to get back on track.

Are People Talking About You?

Written by Terri Seymour

If I were referring torepparttar local town gossip, you would probably want your answer to be no. Although,repparttar 117876 way I see it, if they are talking about me, they are leaving everyone else alone. But, alas, I do believe I am a boring subject for our town gossip!

But if I were referring torepparttar 117877 business world, you would definitely want your answer to be YES! Good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. It is still one ofrepparttar 117878 most effective business builders there is.

Even if people are talking negatively about you and/or your business, it can be a positive for you. This talk might make a person curious enough to check out your business and (hopefully) they will find their experience to be pleasant and satisfactory. Then they would possibly go back torepparttar 117879 original talker and tell them of their positive experience with your business andrepparttar 117880 original talker would try your business again.

No matter how great you, your employees, and your business are, you cannot please everybody. But you can please MOST people if you run your business efficiently and effectively. Some ways of doing this are:

*Be True to Your Word! You must be trustworthy and do what you promise to do for your customers. Do not make false claims or promises. Your customers will remain loyal if you are true to them.

*Build Relationships With Your Customers! Get to know your customers as people. Talk to them like you were a friend. But you must be sincere. Do not put onrepparttar 117881 big "Slap onrepparttar 117882 back, nice to see you" act.

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