Are You Two-Faced?

Written by Kathy Thompson

When you look at a face, first draw an imaginary vertical line downrepparttar center ofrepparttar 101869 face fromrepparttar 101870 forehead torepparttar 101871 chin. Noticerepparttar 101872 difference inrepparttar 101873 two sides ofrepparttar 101874 face. Are you two-faced? Yes, you are, everyone is, literally. The left side ofrepparttar 101875 brain controlsrepparttar 101876 right side ofrepparttar 101877 face/body. Sorepparttar 101878 right side ofrepparttar 101879 face will show your logical, intellect, thinking, your computer, your public, professional side. The right side ofrepparttar 101880 brain controlsrepparttar 101881 left side ofrepparttar 101882 face/body. Sorepparttar 101883 left side of your face displays your emotions, imagination, dreams, intuition, your personal side. This isrepparttar 101884 side you keep to yourself. The asymmetric face shows that a person can have one personality style in their personal life (left side), and a different style in their professional life right side).

Feel Your Grief

Written by Rinatta Paries

I recently asked a friend of mine who has been single for several years if she was complete with her past relationships. It's been my experience that one cannot move forward into healthy new relationships until they are complete with their past. My friend said she had no feelings left about her old relationships.

After a little prodding, she admitted she had managed to get over her divorce by getting into a relationship quickly after her marriage ended. "I was amazed at how easily I could forget my husband," she said. Her relationship with her new boyfriend lasted only a few months, and yet she says she still has feelings for him.

Is my friend ready for another new relationship? Perhaps if she wants her next relationship to closely resemble her previous two. But not if she wants something different.

The only way to forget a former relationship as soon as you enter a new one is by avoiding your feelings of grief overrepparttar breakup. You would instead look forrepparttar 101868 new relationship to fill you up.

The only way to do this is to hold your needs, wants, and desires trapped in your heart, unfelt, unmet, and waiting forrepparttar 101869 next partner. Although most singles think this is what they are supposed to do, it is not.

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