Are You Too Snoring Like A Running Train?

Written by Martin Enevoldsen

Sleeping Position and Sleep Factors

Snoring is widely considered a sleep disorder; both forrepparttar trouble that it (potentially) causesrepparttar 139925 snorer, andrepparttar 139926 trouble that (almost always!) causes those aroundrepparttar 139927 snorer. Therefore, an effective target inrepparttar 139928 battle against snoring is sleep itself.

There are two areas that can be focused upon to potentially help prevent (or lessen) snoring: sleep position, and sleep factors.

Sleep Position

Many snorers have found surprising relief from simply putting something under their chin as they sleep; either their hand, or a pillow, or even a rolled up sock. This can help firm uprepparttar 139929 neck muscles; or at least, giverepparttar 139930 impression that this is happening. The bottom line is that since there is less loose skin (and thus tissue) that can vibrate against air inrepparttar 139931 trachea, there is less snoring.

Creative Procrastination

Written by Steve Gillman

Do you ever postpone things, or just forget about them for a while, or tell yourself, "I'll get to that later?" Do you sometimes feel guilty about it? Well, it's true that procrastination can be a bad habit, but there are times when it can be useful.

Procrastination When You Are Unsure

Sometimes procrastinating makes sense if you aren't sure you should be doing something. If you haven't started that business, for example, maybe your unconscious mind is saying you aren't ready to do it. Look intorepparttar reasons for your procrastination, not to rationalize your lack of action, but to see if there really is a good reason to wait.

Procrastinate When You Know It's Wrong

This is where we all need to learn better procrastination. Just put off eating that piece of cake until later. Wait a few more days to go torepparttar 139896 casino, or to get together with that friend that always gets you into trouble. Anytime you are thinking about doing something you shouldn't be doing, just say, "I'll get to that later."

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