Are You The Most Powerful Leader you Can Be?

Written by Jo Ball

As someone who teaches, manages, parents or influences youíll probably already be aware that powerful leadership is not just aboutrepparttar boss, itís aboutrepparttar 143858 team, irrespective of whether that team is inrepparttar 143859 classroom, inrepparttar 143860 office or around your home.

In a driven world of instant access and fast everythingrepparttar 143861 view of leadership being top down has become dated, and dare I say it, dangerous.

Every member ofrepparttar 143862 team must now be engaged in a form of leadership. The most powerful teachers, managers, parents and influencers know that in order to function withinrepparttar 143863 current pace of life they need to berepparttar 143864 leader that all other leaders aspire to being.

Powerful leaders are flexible. They understand that in todayís world knowledge is more vital than position. Powerful leaders understand thatrepparttar 143865 child who offers an inspirational thought inrepparttar 143866 classroom is every bit as muchrepparttar 143867 teacher asrepparttar 143868 person holdingrepparttar 143869 board marker; powerful leaders know that adhering torepparttar 143870 thoughts and feelings of staff is what makes them driven, as opposed to them having to be driven; and powerful parents know that a childís tantrum is sometimes about sharingrepparttar 143871 power inrepparttar 143872 household and letting them grow.

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