Are You The Driver Or The Passenger?

Written by Sonny Julius

In your journey through life are yourepparttar "driver" orrepparttar 141913 "passenger"? Let me be perfectly clear what I mean about this statement. In other words, do you take charge of your own life? Do you makerepparttar 141914 judgment and setrepparttar 141915 goals for what you want your life to be like? - Or - Do you let others influence you and follow in their footsteps?

This is a very important question you should be answering. After all it is "your life" you should berepparttar 141916 one designing it and being happy with it. So many people seem to think they should feel guilty if they aren't always following someone else's plan. Does it really make sense to please others yet not please yourself? I sure don't think so. Now I do agree you may want to compensate to some degree to please others but not torepparttar 141917 degree of being unhappy aboutrepparttar 141918 kind of life you lead.

It took me a few years to finally come to that conclusion when I was in my early forties. You see my Dad wasrepparttar 141919 owner of a very successful family florist business. He wanted to eventually pass it on to me. In my earlier years that was an exciting thought but as I grew older I began to have my doubts.

I started working part time inrepparttar 141920 business at a very early age. That was usually during major holidays and some special functions. When I went to high school I was onrepparttar 141921 regular payroll and working as much as thirty hours a week. After two years of college I was drafted intorepparttar 141922 U.S.Army so I was out ofrepparttar 141923 picture for two years. I spent a lot of time thinking during that time what I would do when I finally returned home.

On returning home, married and having a child onrepparttar 141924 way I had reservations whether I wanted to continue my career inrepparttar 141925 business. I recalled some of those times when we worked sixty hour six day weeks with no vacation time. I wasn't sure if I was ready to commit myself to that kind of schedule anymore. Besides that I had a family now that was going to be affected too. Wellrepparttar 141926 climax came one day a few weeks after I returned home fromrepparttar 141927 service. I confronted my dad aboutrepparttar 141928 whole issue. He wasn't exactly pleased that I was demanding at least a half-day off a week and a two-week vacation every year. Eventually he relented and later I was even able to take a whole day off plus get a few other privileges too. I spent about another twenty years on this schedule but many times thinking, "do I really want to do this anymore?"

Abundance: The Fear of Abundance

Written by Carmellita Brown

Is it possible for someone to fear abundance? Who would not want to liverepparttar abundant life?

Polarity is a universal law. The law of polarity contends that everything has its polar opposite. The scales of life assuresrepparttar 141912 existence of polar opposites. In conjunction withrepparttar 141913 Law of Rhythm, everything returns where it begins. Like a pendulum swinging, this is life. Meaning those things that begin with great expectations manifest greatness. Those things that begin withrepparttar 141914 purpose for serving humanity andrepparttar 141915 greater good manifest as beacons of light.

Everyone who researchesrepparttar 141916 field of human potential, human development, personal development, religion, some point crossesrepparttar 141917 concept of a human emotion often called fear. It is comfortable for us to talk aboutrepparttar 141918 fear of poverty, however, we ignore our fear of abundance.

The reality is, if you fear poverty, then you fear its polar opposite--abundance. If you fear poverty you fear wealth and abundance. All these fears congest our lives and we are literally paralyzed.

Fear impacts our expectations. The principle of Expectations is linked torepparttar 141919 Law of Abundance hence, "so a man thinketh so he is." The principle of Expectations contends that energy follows thought. If you fear poverty, then somewhere inside, you believe you will live in poverty. Consequently, energy has followed this thought and in due time, your expectation of poverty actualizes.

Nowrepparttar 141920 connection betweenrepparttar 141921 fear of poverty andrepparttar 141922 fear of abundance. Let's just end this debate right now. No one wants to live in poverty. Poverty means you have very limited options, and no assets. When you live in poverty, you struggle and have limited options. Moreover, poverty means your basic needs are at threat, limited, or diminished. Even those who take a vow of poverty for religious or spiritual purposes have there basic needs met.

So why would anyone have a fear of abundance? Some people believe that abundance and wealth would only lead to corruption and destruction ofrepparttar 141923 human spirit. Not one person who is corrupted or onrepparttar 141924 path of destruction is livingrepparttar 141925 abundant life. NOT ONE. Abundance is not just about material wealth, however, it does not exclude material wealth!

Abundance is about living healthy, vibrant, with purpose, resources, meaningful relationships, and a strong sense of our true self. Material wealth is a manifestation of mental and spiritual wealth that lies withinrepparttar 141926 individual. We should not concern ourselves withrepparttar 141927 fear that material wealth will corrupt us. Material wealth, including money, will only make you more of what you already are.

Therefore, if you are kind, giving, loving, and creative, you will be even more kind, giving, loving, and creative while enjoying a life of abundance. If you are insecure, selfish, hoarding, and deceitful, you will be even more insecure, selfish, hoarding, and deceitful while living a life of discontent, sadness, and self-destruction.

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