Are You Suffering from the Autopilot Dilemma?

Written by Jason M. Gracia

An epidemic is occurring all around you, and there is a good chance it has already found its way into your life. It begins slowly at first, nearly imperceptible. But it grows. In time it can take over your entire life. I have seen it happen too many times, and if you don't act now, it may happen to you.

It's easy to fall intorepparttar trap. Well-intentioned individuals of all ages don't mean for it to happen, but that doesn't matter. It takes much more than good intentions to steer clear of this problem. If all it took was good intentionsrepparttar 142978 world would be packed with people living their dreams and accomplishing their goals. But that's not how it works, and this trap is one ofrepparttar 142979 most common reasons why it has happened too often inrepparttar 142980 past, and will continue to happen inrepparttar 142981 future.

What exactly are we dealing with here? What is so deadly torepparttar 142982 goals and hopes you have stored away in your head?


ACTION WITHOUT PURPOSE A very unusual experiment was conducted by John Fabre,repparttar 142983 French naturalist, consisting of processionary caterpillars, a type of caterpillar that blindly followsrepparttar 142984 one in front of it. This explainsrepparttar 142985 name processionary caterpillar. The experiment consisted of several of these caterpillars, a flowerpot filled torepparttar 142986 rim with dirt, and pine needles.

The caterpillars formed a complete circle aroundrepparttar 142987 rim ofrepparttar 142988 flowerpot, withrepparttar 142989 first one touchingrepparttar 142990 back ofrepparttar 142991 last one. The pine needles,repparttar 142992 food ofrepparttar 142993 processionary caterpillar, were placed inrepparttar 142994 center ofrepparttar 142995 circle.

The caterpillars began their procession aroundrepparttar 142996 flowerpot, one followingrepparttar 142997 other in a circle. This went on hour after hour, day after day, for an entire week. Inrepparttar 142998 end, every one ofrepparttar 142999 caterpillars dropped dead of starvation.

The one thing that could have saved them was only six inches away, but without purposeful thought or action,repparttar 143000 caterpillars continued with a habitual routine that eventually proved too much to endure.

This is happening to people you know, maybe even you, although not to this degree. Get stuck doingrepparttar 143001 same old thing every single day and your goals, sitting only inches away, are as good as gone.

Plain and simple. You might think it's a little too simple, but falling into a routine can destroy your life. I have very strong beliefs about this because I have seen it happen to people close to me, as I'm sure you have as well. Good friends and family start off with bright hopes forrepparttar 143002 future, but their routine begins to take their place. 'No time, no time,' is a common excuse. After seventy years of having no time to dorepparttar 143003 things you have always wanted to do you'll end up with nothing but a good excuse inrepparttar 143004 end.

Is the internet insecure because of You?

Written by Steve Cash

Copyright 2005 Private Mail Services

Long gone arerepparttar days that we could feel secure and know for certain that we had privacy. Withrepparttar 142977 digital age upon us we can no longer be so sure that our privacy is secure. Recently Google has admitted their organisation holds user data indefinitely. This causes concerns as now we know Google has information on us that we do not want anyone to know about.

We can simply blame this all onrepparttar 142978 big corporate companies; they seem to be a very good escape goat however, this is notrepparttar 142979 case; your privacy is totally up to you. Certificates ensure that allrepparttar 142980 data that is transferred between you andrepparttar 142981 internet is secure and encrypted. Recently in New Zealand there was a short certificate outage on a banks website. During this outage only one out of 300 users took this security warning seriously.

This is a rather large concern, as many users onrepparttar 142982 internet haverepparttar 142983 same belief that their data is safe and secure. Byrepparttar 142984 end of 2005 it is estimated identity fraud will cause up to 5 trillion dollars world wide. We,repparttar 142985 users ofrepparttar 142986 internet must keep ourselves safe, secure and pay attention to those security warnings. I have compiled some good tools and tricks that will help keep you much more anonymous and secure.

1) Get rid ofrepparttar 142987 internet explorer: First and foremost Microsoft Internet Explorer isrepparttar 142988 highest risk to your internet experience. Not only isrepparttar 142989 most popular internet browser, but is alsorepparttar 142990 most popular for attacks from Viruses and Spyware. Internet explorer is also too integrated withrepparttar 142991 windows operating system. Have you ever wondered how a dialler or online casino got onto your desktop?

I personally recommend Opera; they have a nice clean browser. The usability is easy and best of all, it uses tabbed browsing.

2) Protect your Connection. Make sure you have an active firewall operating; Firewalls stop intruders from entering your connection and causing havoc. Hackers can easily gain access to an unprotected network and steal private information.

Withrepparttar 142992 release of SP2 for Windows XP, Microsoft have incorporated a free personal Firewall. If you have broadband your router should have an inbuilt Firewall, and make sure this is enabled, Zonealarm also offer a free Firewall. You must always do what you can to protect yourself.

3) Don’t share those files: One ofrepparttar 142993 most common security flaws besides running Windows XP, is having File sharing enabled. To disable File Sharing please dorepparttar 142994 following:

Click Start Menu, select settings. Click on Network Connections. Right-click onrepparttar 142995 Local Area Connection icon and onrepparttar 142996 menu that appears, choose Properties. Inrepparttar 142997 General tab under “This connection usesrepparttar 142998 following items”, highlight “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks”. (If File and Printer Sharing is not listed, then file sharing has not been setup). You may skiprepparttar 142999 rest of these instructions. Click Uninstall. When you are asked if you are sure you want to Uninstall File and Printer Sharing Click Yes. You may now closerepparttar 143000 Local Area Connection Properties window. You must restart for your computer forrepparttar 143001 effects to work.

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