Are You Suffering From.... Paralysis Of Analysis?

Written by Livvie Matthews

Symptom: You want to be a writer, you've written several articles, but just n-o-t- quiterepparttar way you want them. It needs a little more....

Symptom: You want to start a web site, you have finished designingrepparttar 123894 layout, but just n-o-t quite ready to publish. You need to check on......

Symptom: You have decided on starting your own business, you have everything in place, but just n-o-t quite ready to "open". There's one more.....

Diagnosis: ......Paralysis Of Analysis!

I know from personal experience just how this feels. I have had so many ideas, good ideas, but just when it came down torepparttar 123895 final step....I needed to "add this" or "change that", or "just tweak it a little more".

I "tweaked" it until I tweaked it out! It was never quite right. The result was, it never got completed.

A perfect example is I could have been onrepparttar 123896 Internet five years ago, even three years ago, but I managed to "analyze" myself right out of it.

Until I "published" my web site, and started Ezine, I had only completed three things in my life.... Sandra, Susan, and Stacey...... my three daughters!


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Daily life can range from ecstatic to something less than traumatic. It covers all territories in between. Every man, woman, or child will encounter problems, and annoyances, disappointments and pain. No one is givenrepparttar privilege of not feeling - this in itself would be a major upset. Not to feel is in essence - not to be alive.

Everything life is - all ofrepparttar 123893 components of daily living - join together to form a web that encompasses every living being. No one is immune and yet, this system has survived generations upon generations.

When life proves to be less than perfect, many will turn to placing blame, or passingrepparttar 123894 buck to someone else. In turn, this kind of action will cause hurt or problems for a person who could have had absolutely nothing to do with our “bad” day. They were just there - kind of inrepparttar 123895 way - when we were seeking reprieve or solace from daily strife. There is a much better way to handle whatever your day will bring - try it - you will be very pleasantly surprised and energized to face whatever tomorrow will have in store for you.

This is not a magic pill or a wave of a wand - it is allowing yourself to quietly build a fortress in your heart that you can go to, to renew strength and find solace. The gift of nature allows each of us a cooling breeze when problems cause arid in our goals, and relentless storms in our undertakings and ventures. Turning to nature whether in reality or in our heart will guide us through those potentially devastating pitfalls we will have to endure - just because! Here’s how it works -

Wheneverrepparttar 123896 pressure ofrepparttar 123897 day orrepparttar 123898 thunder of hope fading away enters our private world, go down a path toward a cottage inrepparttar 123899 woods. Just picture it - you’re tired, defeated and your steps are very heavy. But there sits a cottage in your mind’s eye that has that glow of welcome surrounding it. Your heart isrepparttar 123900 doorway and inside you are always welcome. Butrepparttar 123901 trip itself to get there is what alleviatesrepparttar 123902 stress and tension. The path is lined with tall, strong pines that give renewed strength to your sagging will. They are proud and stately and have learned to bend just enough withrepparttar 123903 wind so as not to break. They sway withrepparttar 123904 breeze but do not give in. Many times their needles will be broken off, but new growth comes. There is a very special “flow” that nature has or “rhythm” that insures continuity and laysrepparttar 123905 groundwork forrepparttar 123906 future.

The ground is soft and hasrepparttar 123907 aroma of warm earth. It is very distinctive and reassuring. Earth is very basic and gives life torepparttar 123908 majestic trees as well asrepparttar 123909 velvety flowers that grow in places that you least expect. Their colors are a palette of tints that change withrepparttar 123910 seasons and melt into each other. They are smooth and soft or brazen and rich. They are sprinkled in crevices and corners that seem remote and impenetrable. These tiny plants soak uprepparttar 123911 warmth ofrepparttar 123912 sun, and welcomerepparttar 123913 gentle raindrops. If strong winds and storms arrive, their petals may drop but then they linerepparttar 123914 ground with beauty under everyone’s feet. They are aromatic and every breath allows their sweet scents to easerepparttar 123915 mind and bring relief to stumbling steps.

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