Are You Sometimes Confused by Written Medical Instructions?

Written by Emily Clark

Now, imagine what it would be like if you were sick, scared and had only third grade reading skills. Your doctor tells you, "You've got to follow these instructions exactly, or you could die."

About 200 recent studies have shownrepparttar reading difficulty of most health related materials FAR exceedsrepparttar 144652 average reading abilities ofrepparttar 144653 American adult. One ofrepparttar 144654 biggest silent health problems today isrepparttar 144655 gap between health materials and reading skills.

Inrepparttar 144656 United States,repparttar 144657 average reading level is eighth grade. In 1992,repparttar 144658 Educational Testing Service determined that half U.S. adults read at between first and eight grade level. That is about 148 million people. It gets worse. One quarter of Americans read BELOW FOURTH GRADE level, meaning 74 million people would struggle with evenrepparttar 144659 simplest, most well written health materials.

Does it matter? Do you rememberrepparttar 144660 anthrax scare, when someone was putting deadly white powder into our mail system?

During that terrorist scare,repparttar 144661 U.S. post office mailed millions of post cards to Americans. The post cards told people how to protect themselves fromrepparttar 144662 deadly infection. They gave instructions on how to handle and report suspicious mail. These post cards were written at between ninth and eleventh grade reading level.

More than halfrepparttar 144663 people who got that mailing could not read it well enough to protect themselves and others. Does it matter? Do 148 million people matter? Will it matterrepparttar 144664 next timerepparttar 144665 terrorists strike?

Do you rememberrepparttar 144666 mailingrepparttar 144667 Surgeon General sent out explaining how to avoid contracting HIV? He made every effort to see that it was written in clear, simple language. He got criticism for just how plain talking it was in places. A later evaluation of that document showed that it was written at between seventh and ninth grade level. Halfrepparttar 144668 people receiving it read at a level BELOW what was required to read it. No wonderrepparttar 144669 infection keeps spreading.

Think about it. For millions of people,repparttar 144670 problem is not justrepparttar 144671 tiny print on prescription bottles. The problem isrepparttar 144672 words themselves. What does "take on an empty stomach" mean exactly? When should you "take four times a day"? Perhaps your doctor explained to you atrepparttar 144673 office. Do you remember whatrepparttar 144674 doctor said a week later?

3 Powerful Ways to Portray Confidence and Success

Written by Emily Clark

A good number of women who are attacked are chosen because ofrepparttar way they presented themselves. Something about their posture toldrepparttar 144651 assailant, “here is a weak woman, I can take her”. If you are scared out of your gourd, it will show.

Low self esteem or fearfulness looks like slouched shoulders; head down, arms folded in front or in pockets. Confidence looks like walking tall, shoulders back, head up, eye to eye contact, arms atrepparttar 144652 side. One statistic revealed that those trained in martial arts are less likely to ever be attacked because ofrepparttar 144653 way they carry themselves. They’ve been trained to defend themselves and to not take a weak position. They have confidence.

Try this experiment. The next time you’re in a public place, mall, grocery store,repparttar 144654 beach, no matter, walk past allrepparttar 144655 people and look them directly inrepparttar 144656 eye. You might want to smile a little or offer a “how ya doin’?” so they don’t think you’re stalking them. You’ll be amazed atrepparttar 144657 number of people who will not look at you. They’ll look down or away but not at you. Of course, in some cultures it’s not proper to look people inrepparttar 144658 eye. Be sensitive to that. But in many circles you will find it hard to find 10 people who will look at you.

By you looking at them, in some subconscious way you’re communicating that you are not afraid. You’re not sending nonverbal clues that you lack confidence. To get intorepparttar 144659 practice of always looking people inrepparttar 144660 eye, take it one step further and see what color eyes they have. It only takes a quick glance, you’re not starring down people but if you make an effort to determine eye color, you can be confident that you’re properly looking people head on inrepparttar 144661 eyes.

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