Are You Selling Hotdogs Or Pretzels?

Written by Al Martinovic

I live acrossrepparttar river from New York City and onrepparttar 102404 days I make my way over there,repparttar 102405 one thing you immediately notice arerepparttar 102406 smells ofrepparttar 102407 street. No... not that smell. I'm talking about food.

You'll find all sorts of vendors selling food onrepparttar 102408 streets. But you won't see 20 different hotdog vendors crowded onto one street corner. Common sense tells you that you won't make much money when you are competing with a bunch of other vendors on one corner who sellrepparttar 102409 same thing.

Yet that is exactly what has happened torepparttar 102410 internet marketing "how to make money" game. You are crowded into one street corner trying to sellrepparttar 102411 same hotdogs as everyone else and you just won't make much money because their is just too much darn competition.

So then you try to outdo your competitors and develop ways to make your "hotdog" stand out from everyone else. And your competitors catch on to this little trick and they start doingrepparttar 102412 same, makingrepparttar 102413 technique ineffective.

You start offering fr-ee toppings with your hotdog but your competitors then also offer those same toppings and even include toppings that you don't offer.

You counter that by doing a little tweeking. You move your hot dog stand a little over torepparttar 102414 left, and a little over torepparttar 102415 right to see if it can increase your sales. But gosh darn it your competitors start doingrepparttar 102416 same and you spend more time dancing then you do making sales.


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