Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

Written by K. O'Neill

Are You READY To Lose Weight?

I know, I know. What a crazy question!

Considering that weíve all tried so many diets until we can give calorie counts in our sleep - where do I get off asking a question like that?

But bear with me please. This may actually get you closer to your weight loss goals than you think!

We've heard it a million times but it's true:

Losing weight permanently is not just a quick fix.

Itís not taking a magic pill and waking uprepparttar next morning with a body fat count of 10%. It's not readingrepparttar 135856 latest diet-book-of-the-week and Ďpoof!í youíre a size 6. Itís not getting into Ďthe zoneí for half a day and all your weight troubles disappear.

But you know that right? We all know that!

But if we know that why do we jump from diet to diet to diet? From weight loss plan to weight loss plan?

Why do we keep tryingrepparttar 135857 latest way to lose weight? Why do we get discouraged so easily? Why do we give up and think it's just not possible?

Here'srepparttar 135858 truth: Losing weight is a life change, plain and simple.

Funny how we cut ourselves some slack with other life changes like moving or getting married or having a baby, but not with losing weight! Why not?

Are all those infomercials promising fast, easy weight loss getting to us? Arerepparttar 135859 constant images of thin models and size 0 actresses making us think itís easy?

Can Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Written by Cassandra Germsheid

Yes, it can! I believe that water not only helps with weight loss, but is also one ofrepparttar most important things to keep in mind when trying to lose weight. Here are just some ofrepparttar 135589 reasons why everyone should be drinking at least eight glasses of water day.

- Naturally suppresses appetite - Increases metabolism - Reduces stored fat deposits - Improves kidney function - Decreases fluid retention - Helps muscles maintain their tone - Aids inrepparttar 135590 prevention of sagging skin after weight loss - Ridsrepparttar 135591 body of excess waste - Regulates bowel movements - Itís Free!

Arenít these enough reasons for you to start drinking your full daily intake of water?

I started drinking 9 glasses a day, and I noticed a difference over night!! I lost five pounds inrepparttar 135592 course of one day, and itís stayed off. The key is to keep drinking water, or you will seerepparttar 135593 weight come back. For every 25 pounds you want to lose, drink an extra glass of water. Keep in mind however, that water can also be consumed through food such as fruits, which contain 90% water.

Here are some tips to help you make sure you get your daily intake:

- Make an appointment with your glass of water. Schedule certain times ofrepparttar 135594 day to chug back 8 ounces at once. After you wake up inrepparttar 135595 morning, on your way to work, during a commercial, etc. - Have a water race with a friend or family member. The extra competition will help motivate you.

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