Are You Ready For A New Career?

Written by David Richter

Is your current or most recent job truly what you want to do?

Do you dreadrepparttar prospect of coming into work every day? Do you look back on your work day as you travel home and cannot seem to find a fulfilling moment? If you answered yes, read on.

You could be unhappy with your supervisor; you may not likerepparttar 136746 politics or corporate culture; or you may not likerepparttar 136747 industry you are in. You may also feel that you are underpaid, underutilized, undervalued or unappreciated. You may not have sufficient opportunities for career advancement; or perhaps you are feeling overworked. These are all common experiences among employees.

What are your choices?

If you love what you do, if you get motivated and excited in a particular field of interest, if you can put your arms around a career with enthusiasm and gusto, then you have found your passion and you will experience fulfillment and joy daily.

You will look forward to work each day. On your drive home, you will find yourself looking back on your day and smiling.

Give yourselfrepparttar 136748 opportunity to create something better for yourself. Explore your options fully. There is no need to settle or go through a process of elimination to end up with only one career choice. Why limit yourself?

Does Retirement Fit Into Your Busy Schedule?

Written by David Richter

Why do you work?

Stop and think about it. Other thanrepparttar income you derive fromrepparttar 136745 various tasks and responsibilities you perform onrepparttar 136746 job, are there any other reasons you get up every morning beforerepparttar 136747 birds do, drive your car in rush-hour traffic, get intorepparttar 136748 office and go to several meetings throughoutrepparttar 136749 day that have yet to change life as we know it, and sit at your desk going through allrepparttar 136750 things you need to go through that are a part of whatís been called, work?

Youíve been doing this for a long time. Youíve been putting up with office politics, with a lot of grief from your supervisors, peers and direct reports, and then coming home a bit less energized than when you left twelve hours earlier, only to face other issues onrepparttar 136751 home front. Other thanrepparttar 136752 money, what has been motivating you all these years?

Hopefully, you have been able to derive a measure of satisfaction from doing those things that have tapped your creativity and utilized a good percentage of your talents, capabilities and unique gifts. Hopefully, you have followed your passion overrepparttar 136753 years and associated yourself withrepparttar 136754 types of jobs and careers for which you have felt a lot of enthusiasm, and from which you have been able to experience tremendous fulfillment.

If you are reaching retirement age, it may be time for you to look at a retirement calculator, assess your finances, and review allrepparttar 136755 things that have produced your fulfillment. If you are financially positioned to retire, should you? It seems like a silly question, but thereís more to it than meetsrepparttar 136756 eye. I donít recommend retirement to anyone.

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