Are You Missing Out On Valuable Information?

Written by Jason Anderson

Are You Missing Out On Valuable Information? Copyright 2002 Jason Anderson

"Buy now and get $323 of bonuses, free!" "This package is worth $629, but you can have it for only $10!" "Get thousands of dollars of extras when you buy!"

You've probably seen them all before inrepparttar sales letters for ebooks you have bought (or not bought). The extra bonuses listed atrepparttar 117444 end ofrepparttar 117445 sales letter to entice you to purchaserepparttar 117446 ebook in question.

But once you've boughtrepparttar 117447 ebook, have you actually bothered to look atrepparttar 117448 included bonuses?

I'd wager that there are at least a few bonus ebooks that you haven't looked at, either because you "never got around to it", or they didn't sound like they were interesting.

Or perhaps you didn't look at them because they were included for free, so you thought they must be junk.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 117449 truth!

Well, ok, I'll admit that some ofrepparttar 117450 free ebooks included as bonuses *are* junk. The information is outdated, or they read like they were written by a 6 year old. But they arerepparttar 117451 exception, notrepparttar 117452 rule. You shouldn't think all bonus ebooks are bad simply because a couple of them are bad.

Quite often,repparttar 117453 bonus ebooks that are included have been sold separately inrepparttar 117454 past. Usuallyrepparttar 117455 ebooks came with free resell rights, so after a while they became so common place onrepparttar 117456 net that it was almost impossible to sell them separately.

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