Are You Maximizing Your Pay-Per-Click Returns?

Written by Chee Wee

Pay-per-click keyword advertising has become immensely popular as it enable advertisers to have better control over their budget.

Pioneer now serve over 2 billion search queries monthly and their premium listings appear on major search engines such as America Online, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape and Hotbot.

Withrepparttar tremendous volume of keyword bidding, there exist opportunities for your business to reduce bid costs while maintainingrepparttar 101208 same ranking!

I'm about to reveal a hot pay-per-click tip that will save you thousands of dollars in monthly bid fees. What is this secret? Read carefully ...

As at press time,repparttar 101209 top bid forrepparttar 101210 keyword "flower" on is $1.88. The 4th bid is $1.83 whilerepparttar 101211 5th bid cost just $1.21. securedrepparttar 101212 4th place while securedrepparttar 101213 5th bid. FTD could have reduced their bid to $1.22 and still remain inrepparttar 101214 4th spot!

Their savings per-click would be $0.61. Savings per thousand clicks would have been $610. "Flower" was searched more than 370,000 timesrepparttar 101215 previous month. If they had a click-through of just 3.0%, they could have saved $6771.00 onrepparttar 101216 keyword "flower" alone!

When wasrepparttar 101217 last time you checked your bids? You could reduce your bids while still maintainingrepparttar 101218 same ranking or get a top 3 position for maybe just 1 cent more!

It's all about bid optimization. So how often should you monitor your bids? I recommend that you check your bids for "bid gap" opportunities at least once a week.

Two New Advertising Options

Written by Dan Grossman

Paid-placement search engine listings, like those at, are great for effective, targeted and low-cost traffic for your website. That's why so many people are using them, driving up prices of even obscure terms in bidding. Google's Self-Service Advertising System, called "Google AdWords," andrepparttar "Jeeves Text Sponsorship Network" are two similar services you should add to your list of places to advertise.

They can each be effective ways to advertise your site or product at a low cost, withrepparttar 101207 added benefit of being CPM-based, meaning you pay according torepparttar 101208 number of impressions of your ad shown rather thanrepparttar 101209 number of clicks.

Relatively new, Google has decided to offer an easy way to get your site in their search result pages without spending days or weeks setting up a banner advertising campaign with them. Unlike a paid submission, you are not paying to have your site listed inrepparttar 101210 Google search results, but to have your ad appear alongside search results in a special "Sponsored Links" section. Here, torepparttar 101211 right ofrepparttar 101212 search results, your link and a short description can appear along with up to 8 others for only a few dollars per thousand impressions.

Because you will be paying $8 to $15 per thousand impressions, or views of your ad, at Google, you'll need a high click-through ratio in order to justify spendingrepparttar 101213 money and to get traffic to your website. Choosing keywords to purchase advertising on shouldn't be too hard. Assuming you track it, start withrepparttar 101214 phrases people are already using to find your website in search engines. Add to that any other words you want to buy a listing in that are related to your site,repparttar 101215 more specificrepparttar 101216 better. You can expect a click-through ratio 3 or 4 times higher for very specific terms, like "free business cards," as opposed to very general terms, such as "business".

Once you've chosenrepparttar 101217 keywords to purchase advertising on, write ads for each one. You may only need several ads for different sets of keywords (such as one ad to use for both "free business cards" and "color business cards" and "business cards"), but you will probably get better results if you don't userepparttar 101218 same ad on allrepparttar 101219 terms you are purchasing listings for.

While your ad headline and content are limited to very few words, you should rememberrepparttar 101220 basic rules for writing ads. Userepparttar 101221 search engine term inrepparttar 101222 headline ofrepparttar 101223 ad so thatrepparttar 101224 surfer knows your ad is relevant to their search. Make surerepparttar 101225 reason to visit your site is clearly visible. When your ad is read,repparttar 101226 surfer should know what you have to offer them.

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