Are You Losing Sales Because of These 4 Simple Website Mistakes?

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

Losing website sales and traffic is sometimes simply a case of web usablity - your website just isn't clear to your visitors. By fixing these simple mistakes, you'll easily increase your conversion rate and make more online sales.

Mistake #1: No Clear Web Navigation System

Is there a clear navigation system of links both atrepparttar top and bottom of each of your web pages?

Does your visitor scroll down torepparttar 143239 bottom of a web page only to find one or (even worse) NO links there? Do they have to scroll allrepparttar 143240 way up torepparttar 143241 top ofrepparttar 143242 web page to continue browsing your website?

Guess what - your customer is out of there. So many websites make this mistake and needlessly lose traffic.

Another mistake websites make is puttingrepparttar 143243 navigation system in an out-of-the-way place that makes it difficult forrepparttar 143244 user to find. Maybe it blends in withrepparttar 143245 background. Mayberepparttar 143246 font is so small, visitors easily miss it.

Don't assume your visitors are web savvy or automatically know where to look to navigate your website. Make it easy for them by having a clear, easy to find navigation system. They'll stay on your website longer, which increasesrepparttar 143247 chance that you'll makerepparttar 143248 sale.

Mistake #2: Ignoringrepparttar 143249 WIIFM Principle (What's In It For Me?)

Doesrepparttar 143250 home page state clearly and concisely what your website can do for your visitor?

Forget about telling your visitor how wonderful you are, how much experience your company has, how many years you've been around or how many awards you've won.

They don't care. They want to know what you can do for them - and they want to know it now. Inrepparttar 143251 fast-paced, hectic world that isrepparttar 143252 Internet, you have about 3-5 seconds to convince your visitor that your website is worth their time. That's it (and that's being generous).

Your website should have one clear statement - in an easy-to-find place - about exactly what you can do for your customer. It should staterepparttar 143253 major benefit of doing business with you orrepparttar 143254 major benefit of your product. Your web visitors shouldn't have any questions about your site's purpose after reading that statement.


Written by Annette Thomas

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