Are You Learning to Sell?

Written by Edward Thorpe

That'srepparttar question my big shot internet multi-millionaire mentor asked me this morning. Are you learning to sell?

No chit-chat. No how'srepparttar 127478 wife, son, weather. No interest in my health. This cat has zero interest in anything but my sales.

I Love That! If you're in business you have one object. Make that sale! During your business day - Everything you do must help you make that sale.

Yeah, you do have to build relationships with clients. You must behave with integrity. You Should under promise. And Over deliver. You must follow up. Stay in contact, etc.

But you can do those things after you make that sale.

Duringrepparttar 127479 selling process you concentrate on makingrepparttar 127480 sale. Focus on *that* sale. Sell like your business depends on *this* one sale. It does, you know. You get'em one at a time.

You go throughrepparttar 127481 selling process. Like this --

1) Build rapport. Ask questions then Shut The Hell Up & Listen.

2) Qualify your suspect. Keep asking Questions, Shut Up The Hell Up & Listen.

3) Create desire for your product. Find their problems & *prove* that your product/service is their best solution.

4) Build value in yourself & your business organization

5) Ask forrepparttar 127482 sale. In other words, close. Example: Do you want to put this on your credit card, or do you prefer writing a check? Then Shut The Hell Up!

6) Handle objections if necessary. Smile & re-state *Their* favorite solution to *Their* problem. (Your product/ service's benefits, of course) Ask them to agree you've clearly answered their concerns.

7) Again ask forrepparttar 127483 sale. Example: Let's take care of this now so you can start enjoying...benefits/ solutions, etc. Then Shut The ____________!

You cannot make money online without unrelenting follow-up

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

If there's one thing I've learned in over 25 years in business, it'srepparttar importance of prospect follow-up. Without a program of systematic follow-up, you're significantly reducing your profit and may very well be threateningrepparttar 127477 overall success of your business. Follow-up is absolutely essential for business success.

But are you prepared to follow-up each and every prospect lead to ensure maximum success? I'll bet you aren't!

For years, I've been doing an informal study of business people's follow-up; what I've discovered confirms my opinion thatrepparttar 127478 vast majority of online business people are not following up, thereby leaving money onrepparttar 127479 table every single day. It's easy to see why follow up "slips throughrepparttar 127480 cracks."

Say you get a prospect today. Hopefully you email himrepparttar 127481 information he's requested. But without a systematic follow-up program in place, will you follow-up tomorrow when 1) you've got new prospects to contact and 2) you've got fires to put out all day long? Most likely essential follow up is abandoned. You're never going to be on top of your follow up either, because new prospects are constantly arriving. While all prospects need your attention, you're naturally going to focus onrepparttar 127482 newest people. Unfortunately for you, one major reason why people buy is because of follow up... and follow up is precisely what you're unable to do!

Does this all sound sadly familiar? It should! It'srepparttar 127483 way all too many business people do "business", online and off.

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