Are You In a Position to Start an Online Business?

Written by Angela Wu

When I first started my online business, I did everything I could to save a little money -- I didn't want a domain name, not even for a mere $35/year (it was expensive back then!), and I certainly didn't want to pay recurring monthly fees for a web host.

That was a mistake. What I came to realize was simply that if I wasn't willing to make these small investments -- well, I just wasn't inrepparttar position to be starting a business. Sometimesrepparttar 117575 truth hurts!

I came to accept that I could learn fromrepparttar 117576 experiences of successful online entrepreneurs. From them, I learned that it just doesn't help to try to 'cut corners' on certain things. So what are some ofrepparttar 117577 things you need to get started onrepparttar 117578 'net?

= Your own domain. At GoDaddy, , you can register a domain for a mere $8.95/year. There is NO excuse not to have your own domain at these rock- bottom prices! Your own domain will help your business build credibility -- plus, it's easier to remember a simple then something like, !

= Web hosting. Don't skimp on it, but don't get a whole bunch of features you don't need, either. Be willing to spend money for a reliable web host with a great uptime record, one that can offer you excellent customer service. Start your research at TopHosts, .

= Website stats. Knowing who your visitors are, how they're finding your site, which pages they're viewing most, etc. will help you to refine your site and your marketing efforts. Check with your web host first to see what type of website stats or demographics they offer with your hosting package. Other options includerepparttar 117579 AXS Visitor Tracking System, , and WebLog, Both are currently free.

= Ad tracker. An ad tracker will help you to see which one of your marketing campaigns is giving yourepparttar 117580 best results. For example, how much response are you getting from your ad on a website? How much interest did your article generate? You can then focus your efforts on repparttar 117581 marketing techniques that are giving yourepparttar 117582 results you want -- and dump those that aren't. 'AdTrackz' is one excellent ad tracker, and is available from .

"Nothing For Nothing"

Written by Jo McNamara

One ofrepparttar best things about writing articles is connecting with people. Sometimes Internet marketing can seem like an impersonal, sterile world.

People will write me asking for advice. The main thing they want to know is how to be "successful" in Net marketing.

One thing that strikes me aboutrepparttar 117574 people who write me is that very few want to spendrepparttar 117575 money or investrepparttar 117576 time necessary to be "successful." They seem to want instant riches without having to spend a dime or invest a few hours each day.

The other impression I get is that people don't seem to want to educate themselves about online marketing. They wantrepparttar 117577 answers for making money handed to them on a platter without having to actually do or learn anything.

I want to share with you correspondence between myself and one person who contacted me. He requested some information on how to be "successful" in online promotion. The first thing I did was ask him some questions. They were:

- How long have you been in Internet marketing? - What are you promoting? - Are you promoting affiliate programs? If so, how many? - Or...are you promoting your own product? - What methods do you use to advertise (FFA's, classified ads, ezine ads, etc)? - What learning tools do you use (ezines, informational websites, membership programs, etc)? - How many hours a day are you able to devote to Net marketing? - Why ARE you in Net marketing? - What are your goals..what do you want from this? - Is this a passion or a means to an end?

To this person's credit, he did answer all of my questions. 99% ofrepparttar 117578 time, people don't bother and I never hear from them again.

Atrepparttar 117579 end, he said, "Okay, I have answered your answer mine." That struck me as a bit abrupt. But I know from my own experience that when we type we can be thinking one thing and it can come out much different than we intended. So I gave him benefit ofrepparttar 117580 doubt. I answered his questions.

He then asked me if I would takerepparttar 117581 time to critique his website. Which I did.

It was a replicated website which meant it was for an affiliate program. These were what I saw as weaknesses inrepparttar 117582 website:

- The salesletter was confusing. I had no clear idea how this program would benefit me. - There were no testimonials. - There was no written guarantee. - There was no contact address or phone number.

Butrepparttar 117583 worse thing about this website is this person was using a HotMail account as his email address! I told him that most people would not take this program seriously because he was using a "throw away" email address.

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