Are You Guilty Of Being An "Information Overload" Junkie?

Written by Mary Holzrichter

If you're like me, perhaps you've been onrepparttar internet for less than a year. For those first few months, you pretty much just surf around absolutely dumbfounded by allrepparttar 119085 information available in cyberspace. Wow! After a while, you actually feel yourself becoming addicted, and you can feel yourself being transformed into (Oh, no!) a "Mouse Potato".

Since you love this internet thing so much, you decide you may as well earn some money while maneuvering that mouse. What a great idea! My own home business!

You join as many freelance "work at home" job sites as possible, sending out your resume to all of them, and hoping that you'll land that perfect administrative-type job. Well, it appears that those jobs are few and far between. For every job opening, there are literally thousands of applicants. Unless you're a transcriptionist, have website design or techie skills of some sort, they are next to impossible to land.

So, it's on to a new quest!

By now you are definitely determined to make money onrepparttar 119086 internet. So you go into a manic search forrepparttar 119087 perfect affiliate program. After an exhaustive length of time and a few bad judgments, you settle on one or two that you feel are right for you and that you believe in.


Inrepparttar 119088 meantime, you have it in your head that you need a website. When promoting your affiliate program, you suddenly start noticing thousands of ads for information on internet marketing. Many ofrepparttar 119089 ads are for marketing newsletters. Oh, my, look at all this information. So you start signing up for just about every newsletter. Hm-mmm! How to design a website, how to workrepparttar 119090 search engines, how to get your ad to 600,000+ per day, how to write effective ads, how not to write ads, how to make your website sticky, how to publish your own newsletter, how to be one ofrepparttar 119091 5% who make it throughrepparttar 119092 first year, how to not be one ofrepparttar 119093 95% who don't make it throughrepparttar 119094 first year, how to use autoresponders to run your follow-ups, how to keep from having your ISP shut down by people yelling "SPAM" at you, how to handle customer relations, how to do viral marketing, how to brand your business, how to go about campaign marketing, how to produce website traffic, andrepparttar 119095 list goes on and on.

And I ended up spending most of my time reading them. Sure, I learned a lot, but I don't even have a website yet!

Uh-Oh! Now look what has happened! You've got mountains of printed out information on every imaginable subject, your bookmarks are overloaded, your email folders are bulging, AND you find you're not using any of it because you've got SO much, you've forgotten about any of it specifically. I won't even mention all those "had-to-have" eBooks. The heaps of paper are piled so high that it has become an insurmountable task to go through them, andrepparttar 119096 bookmarks have strange titles which don't ring a bell, some ofrepparttar 119097 emailed newsletters are still setting where you put them to read more in-depth later, and you get torepparttar 119098 point where you wonder,

How to Get Loads of Free Stuff

Written by Nicole Seekely

There's nothing that'll make your day more than getting something for free. These days there's a large variety of ways to get free stuff. Freebies can range from free e-mail addresses to free t-shirts to free food. If you're havingrepparttar freebie blues, here's a list of ways to find your freebie- of-the-day.

COUPONS I'm always anxious to getrepparttar 119084 Sunday morning newspaper so I can look through repparttar 119085 Sunday coupons. Occasionally you will find a coupon that's good for a free item - no strings attached. Usually, it's buy one, get one free. In addition, I like to look out for those $1 or $2 off coupons. If it's double riple coupon week at your local grocery store, those coupons get you so much money off thatrepparttar 119086 item ends up being free.

REBATES Rebates these days are actually more common onrepparttar 119087 internet. used to berepparttar 119088 most popular rebate site, but it recently went out of business. There are other 100% rebates out there! Just go to a search engine and type in "100% rebate". All you have to do is buyrepparttar 119089 item, then send inrepparttar 119090 rebate. You'll get your money back!

**Wondering howrepparttar 119091 company can afford to do this? They over-pricerepparttar 119092 item. Then they wait for some lazy bums to forget to send inrepparttar 119093 rebate. Cha-ching! They've just made a lot of money because someone forgot to ask for their money back. Butrepparttar 119094 pricing shouldn't matter, just as long as YOU send in YOUR rebate!

GROCERY STORES Most (if not all) grocery stores have free food samples on display. The store I go to always has cupcakes out for free. Yummy! So when you're cruising downrepparttar 119095 aisles, look out for those free apple juice or cookie samples.

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