Are You Getting The Most From Your Meta Tags?

Written by Francisco Aloy

As any Web Business startup knows, creating a Website is a bunch of work! You have to bother with content, layout, graphics and HTML links, just to name a few. What about your Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are words that are placed in your web page to provide a title, description and keywords torepparttar Search Engine spiders or crawlers. They are not visible to visitors. To see a sample, open any website and click "View" onrepparttar 127827 menubar, and choose "Source." You'll seerepparttar 127828 Meta Tags up top, withinrepparttar 127829 Head section ofrepparttar 127830 web page.

Most Search Engines will rank your site on how well your Meta Tags provide a description ofrepparttar 127831 content of your web pages. Google isrepparttar 127832 exception; it also take's into accountrepparttar 127833 number and quality of backward links to your website. Here lately, there's been differing opinions onrepparttar 127834 relevancy of Google's Page Rank system. Some experts don't consider it accurate or necessary.

Yet and still, there are many other Search Engines and a further study of Meta Tags is in order. We are going to base our Meta Tags revision on a tool known as a word Frequency Counter. It counts and separatesrepparttar 127835 words in a web page or document, giving you an idea of what words are used most.

Here are some Web based Frequency Counters:

The SEO Journey:

Written by Christine Stander

Working inrepparttar fast-paced search engine marketing industry, I have often been faced withrepparttar 127826 question: “Where exactly does SEO fit into web site development?”

The relevance of SEO cannot be overestimated. Increasingly, webmasters and site owners alike are beginning to realizerepparttar 127827 importance of optimizing a site to increase rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, they are not always sure how to go about this.

The Growing Importance of SEO:

A few years ago, web sites were created withrepparttar 127828 goal in mind of bringing companies closer to their clients, i.e. their target market. Asrepparttar 127829 popularity of search engines grew,repparttar 127830 number of web sites being created increased alongside. During this process, webmasters and site owners began to realize how important it was to get that all-important competitive edge by reachingrepparttar 127831 ideal top 20 positions on SERPs. Thusrepparttar 127832 battle forrepparttar 127833 top 10 positions ensued.

With this was bornrepparttar 127834 need for people to find and understand a method of constantly reaching those positions. Inrepparttar 127835 case of SEO,repparttar 127836 techniques which evolved can be divided into “good guys” and “bad guys” (the proverbial “white hat” SEO and “black hat SEO”, respectively.) Of course, some SEOs evolved into more shades of black than others, finding techniques to “outsmart”repparttar 127837 spiders, while others remained true to developing content-relevant sites aimed at users rather thanrepparttar 127838 spiders, while still attaining those sought-after top positions. (But that is a topic for another day.)

Althoughrepparttar 127839 black-hats may differ from my opinion here, SEO is no quick fix to propel a site into high-ranking top positions. SEO and usability go hand in hand. Target search engines and searchers atrepparttar 127840 same time by writing good, relevant, converting content. Map your site well with internal links to related sections. In so doing, you will provide your browsers with easy-to-follow navigation and simultaneously help spiders to index your site. Achieving a well-balanced site is a tedious journey, but when implemented correctly, may produce long-term stable results that will drive your site to top positions and increase your conversions.

Know your territory.

If you want to experience something fully, you have to be prepared for it. You have to research what you need, fromrepparttar 127841 most basic needs through torepparttar 127842 finest details. I have been privileged enough to experiencerepparttar 127843 wonders of an African safari. Beforerepparttar 127844 journey, one knows to pack comfortable bush clothes. One also knows that you’re not going to need high heels or suits inrepparttar 127845 bush. It’srepparttar 127846 basics that count: jeans, sneakers and t-shirts.

When you go out on a game drive, what keeps you at ease amongst lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo isrepparttar 127847 fact that firstly, you know you’re in a Land Rover, driven by an experienced safari guide, and secondly, that if it comes to it, there’s a trusty rifle inrepparttar 127848 back seat.

The lessons illustrated by this analogy are: research your territory, be prepared, dispense with what is unnecessary and remember thatrepparttar 127849 basics count most of all.

To takerepparttar 127850 analogy further, launching a web site is not unlike going on safari. Before sending it on its journey torepparttar 127851 World Wide Web, you need to pack it full ofrepparttar 127852 things you know it’s going to need. Start withrepparttar 127853 basics.

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