Are You Forgetting About Your Success in MLM?

Written by Andre Best

Recently I was listening to an MLM tape and I had a fairly revealing insight into something that appears to be going on inrepparttar MLM field.

And it isn't something that's working to our advantage as beginning network marketers.

I'll explain.

Now you know and I know that there is one and pretty much only one reason that we joined our MLM main company, right?

It'srepparttar 122497 same reason thatrepparttar 122498 industry is so powerful at attracting so many folks to it.

You know what it is...



Ask someone why they joined their MLM deal onrepparttar 122499 day that they join and you'll find that about 99% of them joined to make money.

I know, I know. Your company has SUCH great products. Right?

Well, they might berepparttar 122500 best products out there. That's notrepparttar 122501 issue here.

The issue is what direction we are told to take our efforts in when we are just innocent MLM beginner's.


Well, when we get deeper into our main MLM company's message and we forget 'why' we really joined this industry inrepparttar 122502 first place, that is when we get into trouble.

That is when things can start to go downhill for us, if we aren't alerted to what's going on.

You see...

... What'srepparttar 122503 first thing that most main MLM company's tell their new distributors to do?

Get onrepparttar 122504 products, right? Whateverrepparttar 122505 product is...



Magnetic shoes.



"Just, get onrepparttar 122506 products."


THIS part makes sense to me. It should for you too.

You need to experience your products in order to best tell others about them.

Nothing misleading here.

But what happens after this is what generally is what gets misleading and sends most new MLM'ers into a downward slide they never recover from.

And then one day, they're gone.

I'll explain.


After new distributors 'get onrepparttar 122507 products', they are told to learn aboutrepparttar 122508 products.

Why does this happen?

Answer: so thatrepparttar 122509 distributors can know what they are 'selling' or 'sharing' with folks.

That's whatrepparttar 122510 big founding company distributor or diamond upline tells these impressionable beginning MLM'ers to do.

They are told that "they, as a distributor ofrepparttar 122511 product, HAVE to knowrepparttar 122512 products."

- They have to know how they work.

- They have to knowrepparttar 122513 dosages,repparttar 122514 amounts,repparttar 122515 frequency.

- The ingredients.

- And who should be taking them and for what and for how long.

Never mind worrying about contraindications and all that potentially medically-damaging stuff.

I speak from first-hand experience. My first two MLM deals were both consumable products.

And I was told for both companies that I had to knowrepparttar 122516 products before I could 'really' sell them to others. They told me it just made sense to do it that way.

I was told to focus onrepparttar 122517 products andrepparttar 122518 money will follow.

Well, let's see what happened. And what happens to virtually most new MLM'ers.

I was spendingrepparttar 122519 majority of my precious new free-time learning aboutrepparttar 122520 products and all that other stuff instead of working on reaching out to folks and getting them involved inrepparttar 122521 business opportunity I was in.

I was basically totally focusing on learning just about all that I could aboutrepparttar 122522 products so, you know...

"I could tell people about them."


Well, what happened torepparttar 122523 business side of things?

Didn't I and most others join MLM to MAKE money?!...

I relate this to an experience I had inrepparttar 122524 mid 1980's after I graduated from University and found myself unemployed for two years.

At least unemployed inrepparttar 122525 sense that I wasn't working in my academic field of choice.

I found myself eventually selling new cars at a local dealership.

(And you thinkrepparttar 122526 public looks down on MLM! ;-)


The day that I started withrepparttar 122527 new car dealership wasrepparttar 122528 same day this fellow named Lionel started.

Lionel and I were quite different in our approaches in 'selling'. I found myself thinking that I couldn't possibly 'sell' someone a $20,000 car without MY first knowing everything about it.

I mean, 'what if they asked me something about it'? And I didn't knowrepparttar 122529 answer. Wouldn't that just blowrepparttar 122530 sale?

So what happened?

Well, as I was busy figuring out allrepparttar 122531 package options, combinations, and features of each ofrepparttar 122532 dozen new car models onrepparttar 122533 lot...

...Lionel was actually SELLINGrepparttar 122534 cars to people.

From his very first day.

I had to stop him and in my naiveté I asked him how he could do that.

I asked him how he could sell something that he didn't know anything about, or at least only minimal information.

He answered that he didn't really care that he didn't know everything aboutrepparttar 122535 cars. And in fact knew very little about any one of them.

He said that when his potential customers asked him something aboutrepparttar 122536 car they were looking at and he didn't knowrepparttar 122537 answer -- he just said "I don't know. But I can find out for you".

He said that people always said "Oh never mind, it's not really that important. Let's just go for a test drive."

Are Doubler The Next Million Dollar Program?

Written by Damon Smith

Doubler Mania! Is itrepparttar Real Deal?

Once again we find ourself inrepparttar 122496 mix of a new era,

Doubler programs are launching everywhere and people are flocking to them to getrepparttar 122497 chance to getrepparttar 122498 glory that they have been looking for inrepparttar 122499 chase to make BIG BUCKS

And after being part of a few of them I can tell you that not only is it possible to make some really good income from them and get that cash flow going but most of my own subscribers have joined and all are makingrepparttar 122500 kind of income that most affiliate programs are trying to make.

These doubler programs also have a darkside to them, People that can afford to put uprepparttar 122501 $299 forrepparttar 122502 simple script they run off of are throwing them up without thinking about what it takes to really make them work and they fall off repparttar 122503 internet within just a few weeks. Then you have people sitting around wondering what happen to their money.

Marketers are always looking forrepparttar 122504 one program that will take them overrepparttar 122505 edge ofrepparttar 122506 stumbleing blocks of affiliate programs where you have to promote using your own money to get 100s of others to signup just to make a buck or two and in most cases you have to wait a month or even more just to get that few dollars.

The person that built these little scripts that you can throw out their without even putting up a nice site with it should berepparttar 122507 ones that getrepparttar 122508 credit. They have made it so thatrepparttar 122509 normal person that hates to sell someone on something now hasrepparttar 122510 chance to compete withrepparttar 122511 bigboys!

Other then publishing my own newsletter (eZine) I have been marketing and advertising other people programs forrepparttar 122512 last 5 years and I have yet to see any of them produce anything like these simple doublers. Are theyrepparttar 122513 next wave ofrepparttar 122514 future onrepparttar 122515 internet? In my book YES THEY ARE and they are very powerful. There is no advertising,promoting, or anything like that to make money with them.

You buy shares inrepparttar 122516 company and then watch them double. If you get lucky enough to catch them inrepparttar 122517 first week or so of launch you can see your funds double 4 or 5 times! Then you take that income and reinvest it back in and watch it double again and again! I feel forrepparttar 122518 so called gurus but maybe it is time that they see what it is like forrepparttar 122519 "little" guy that is starting out to get ahead for once.

They have made millions of dollars onrepparttar 122520 internet by getting people to buy their products and thenrepparttar 122521 person is left to figure outrepparttar 122522 rest because that one little key that will give themrepparttar 122523 information they need to succeed is always missing! I for one (And many of my subs) are very happy that someone finally found a way for us to make dreams out ofrepparttar 122524 ashes that we where left in from these guys!

Example: One ofrepparttar 122525 newest to come online are below.

If you look atrepparttar 122526 sites you will seerepparttar 122527 differents, The first one is justrepparttar 122528 script itself and has paid out over $400,000+ inrepparttar 122529 first 15 days that it has been online.

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