Are You Fine or Fantastic?

Written by Martin Avis

It takes a small child to make us see sense sometimes. My 7-year old daughter loves school and onrepparttar days that I collect her, I always greet her with,

"Hi Charlotte, how are you?"

And nine times out of ten she answers,

"Hi Daddy, I'm brilliant!"

It is impossible not to smile at such an open exhibition of enthusiasm. Her positivity is infectious.

Yet, like most adults, it took a while to dawn on me that I could learn something from my own child.

I was thinking about her when I met a business colleaguerepparttar 123951 other day.

"Hello, Martin," he said as we automatically shook hands, "how are you?"

It was onrepparttar 123952 tip of my tongue to say "I'm fine", or, "not too bad" as I would normally respond. But instead, Charlotte's smiling face popped into my mind and I came back with,

"I'm brilliant, thank you. How are you?"

A flicker of confusion crossed his face as my unexpected response sank in. Then a big smile spread across this rather dour businessman's face and he said,

"You know, I'm feeling pretty brilliant too!"

We had a great meeting.

Charlotte's natural enthusiasm taught me a big lesson: that we go through life saying and hearing conditioned responses that really mean absolutely nothing. It is only when we break out ofrepparttar 123953 expected that real communication occurs.

Turn The Light On and Darkness Flees

Written by Lisa van dne Berg

I learntrepparttar most amazing lessonrepparttar 123950 other day.

Once again, in my research I came across a wonderful tape package of Wayne Dyer's latest book. It's called

'There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem'

What a wonderful piece of work! Truly inspirational.

Wayne Dyer is known asrepparttar 123951 'Father of Motivation' by his legion of fans and there's no doubt that this is another excellent example of how he gained his reputation.

A question was asked of me,repparttar 123952 other day.

'What do you do when there is an 'irritating' relationship present in your life? We just seem to rub each other uprepparttar 123953 wrong way - ALLrepparttar 123954 time, what do I do?'

We sat down and talked aboutrepparttar 123955 situation and after listening to Dr Dyer's words, decided on a plan of action.

We decided that she would wait for a day when a nasty snipe escaped from this person and applyrepparttar 123956 principles we'd decided on.

Instead ofrepparttar 123957 usual cutting remark in reply, she sat quietly for a moment and tried to imagine what kind of a dayrepparttar 123958 other person had had. She knew he was tired and upset, so decided to reply with a soothing remark.

She remained calm and asked if hed had a bad day atrepparttar 123959 office. Silence followed (he'd expected a fight - as usual).

He sat still for a moment tryig to decide if this was a trick, but When he sawrepparttar 123960 look on her face, he knew her concern was genuine. She said thenrepparttar 123961 most amazing thing happened.

He visibly relaxed and just started telling her allrepparttar 123962 things that had gone wrong and all hed had to deal with that day. He said thatrepparttar 123963 prospect of then coming home and her shouting at him for being late, once again, had made him even more tense. He dreaded coming home because there was as much stress there as atrepparttar 123964 office.

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