Are You FINALLY Ready to Stop Failing Online?

Written by Jeffrey Lant

How many of your online ventures have failed?

One? Two? 50?

Every single dayrepparttar walking wounded ofrepparttar 117810 Internet contact me to report onrepparttar 117811 number of times they've tried something online, only to fail -- again.

There are, of course, lots of reasons why they fail, but one HUGE one is that they're trying to build something out of nothing, trying to get it all for free -- astonished when that futile approach just won't work.

Does this describe you? Have YOU been trying to build a business out of free stuff and only free stuff -- a free domain, a free listserver, a free follow-up autoresponder, etc? If so, it comes as no surprise to you that this approach is ridiculous. It won't work. It can't work. It has never worked. And millions are sadder (and one hopes wiser) because they tried it -- and failed.

What works is what (all too uncommon) common sense tells you works:

* finding a company that offersrepparttar 117812 tools you need for a reasonable price, including domain hosting, website design and technical assistance

* representing good quality products and services that people want and which can be offered for a reasonable price

How to Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation

Written by Mary Wilkey

Okay, so now you believe you've foundrepparttar right program to promote online. Where do you start? Many programs online (and off, for that matter) have lots of plans and systems for you to work, lots of "avenues of attack," lots of tools, lots of resources, lots of training, lots of videos, lots of audios, lots of written materials, etc., and that's fine.

What isn't so fine is when you get everything "thrown" at you at one time. You get bewildered. You get frustrated. You feel lost. You are overwhelmed. In short, you simply don't know where to start. Then you can't stay focused. So what do you do?

You have to pinpointrepparttar 117809 right place to start learning and assimilating all this information, and you have to put it all into its proper perspective. But how?

There is usually a company-sponsored plan in place. Just take that and follow it one step at a time. Seems elementary, doesn't it?

But it is very easy to digress from this step-by-step progression when you get several emails from your sponsor telling about this, that, andrepparttar 117810 other thing that have just been put in place, and that these new methods are now available to start using immediately, especially if "immediate cash" is promised somewhere in there.

It all sounds really exciting and tempting, but resistrepparttar 117811 temptation to go off unprepared. And if you don't haverepparttar 117812 basics down, that is exactly what you will be!

So do you ignore all these emails that are meant to help, but really end up pulling you away from getting throughrepparttar 117813 basic learning curve?

Yes! At least, for now. File them away in a folder to be read AFTER you have digestedrepparttar 117814 basics. You have to get your nutrition from milk, and then soft foods, and progress up torepparttar 117815 meats!

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