Are You Confused By All The Different Diets? Here's A Quick Diet Comparison

Written by Roy Thomsitt

It would not be surprising to hear your answer is "yes, I'm confused by all these so called diets." You may read from one expert that low carbohydrate (low carb) and high protein isrepparttar way to lose weight. Another will try to convince you that low fat, lots of carbs, fresh fruits and vegetables, isrepparttar 146426 right way to go. Yet another will try to convince you that you need to countrepparttar 146427 amount of sugar; or another that main culprit for your being overweight is white flour. So, if you are serious about losing weight, who should you listen to?

The brief summaries below give a quick overview ofrepparttar 146428 pros and cons of each ofrepparttar 146429 popular types of diet plans.

1. Weight Loss Programmes

There are quite a few well known weight loss programmes, for example SlimFast, Jenny Craig, and NutriSystem. These and a number of other weight loss programmes rely heavily on pre-packaged 'diet' foods. However, they incorporate professional coaching intorepparttar 146430 programme; plus, they also offer some sort of social structure and support to reinforcerepparttar 146431 diet programme.

Advantages of Weight Loss Programmes

The professional coaching and nutritional benefits of such diet programmes are a big positive factor, as arerepparttar 146432 reinforcement and support aspect ofrepparttar 146433 diets. Meals and supplements are prepackaged inrepparttar 146434 right proportions, and if you stick torepparttar 146435 diets and exercise as directed you should lose weight.

Disadvantages of Weight Loss Programmes

You will normally have to pay weekly charges for this type of programme, plusrepparttar 146436 cost ofrepparttar 146437 meals can be expensive. Furthermore, if you rely totally onrepparttar 146438 packaged foods, you will miss out on your re-education as far as your eating habits go. That could be important to maintaining any weight loss inrepparttar 146439 long term.

2. Low Carb & Hi Protein Diets

Diets likerepparttar 146440 Atkins diet,repparttar 146441 South Beach diet, andrepparttar 146442 Zone Diet all recommend restricted intake of carbohydrates, but allow liberal amounts of protein, including protein derived from animal sources. Generally, these diets limitrepparttar 146443 overall amount of carbohydrates, and/or teach you to tellrepparttar 146444 difference between "good" and "bad" carbohydrates. Bad carbohydrates, which are forbidden, include white flour, white bread, and white sugar. The diets all encourage learning healthy eating as part of losing weight. Deriving most of your daily calories from high fiber sources of carbs like leafy green vegetables and grains is generally consideredrepparttar 146445 best diet for nutrition byrepparttar 146446 established medical community. The popularity ofrepparttar 146447 diets makes it easy to find low-carb foods.

Schwinn Ellipticals Are a Great Ride

Written by Timothy Gorman

Schwinn Ellipticals live up torepparttar name Schwinn. Everyone is familiar with their bikes, so you won't be disappointed with their ellipticals,repparttar 146425 company putsrepparttar 146426 same quality into those.

Schwinn makes two machines inrepparttar 146427 mid price range for ellipticals. They arerepparttar 146428 Schwinn 418, andrepparttar 146429 Schwinn 428P. Both these ellipticals are thought to be worthrepparttar 146430 money.

Most people are more comfortable on ellipticals whenrepparttar 146431 flywheel is inrepparttar 146432 rear ofrepparttar 146433 machines, likerepparttar 146434 ones you might find atrepparttar 146435 gym. Howeverrepparttar 146436 Schwinn ellipticals come withrepparttar 146437 flywheel onrepparttar 146438 front ofrepparttar 146439 unit. This is unusual because they have still somehow managed to make a smooth and comfortable ride. They are simple to assemble and seem to be made of durable and quality parts.

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